Indiblogger Berger XP Kolkata Bloggers Meet Sept 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

When I say I had a fun Saturday, the statement would be quite understated. I am actually running out of adjectives to describe this amazing event that Indiblogger hosted with Berger Paints specially for us "The Kolkata Bloggers".The event was held at the Ball Room of The Oberoi Grand Hotel, the venue itself makes it such a Gala evening. This beautiful vintage room just came alive with all these lovely people who all shares one common passion, write and express oneself without being judged and of course have a voice. With fun events, Berger Express Painting Presentation, prizes, goodies and last but not the least, the yummy spread of the Grand Buffet, altogether made the evening simply splendid.

After registration and High Tea ( Coffe/Tea/Cookies were served), we were hosted into the Ball room and Indiblogger team, must say one of the best coordinated and friendly bunch of people, started with the event with fun ice-breakers. They set the mood and tone just right for everyone to sink into the fun. It was my first Bloggers meet, and I was just awed with the immensely talented bloggers/ writers that I have come across. Young girl Purva, who is already an author of two books, Rangan Dutta a powerhouse of a writer, who has so many feathers under in hat, that I have almost lost the count. Boys and Girls as young as 15 years blogs. It was so lovely to know that Kolkata, still continues to be artistic and most culturally diversified city in India.

Coming to another high agenda of the evening, it was the pan India launch of Express painting by Berger. Berger has come up with these powerhouse tools, which make your painting job easy, peasy just like a daisy. I remember before my wedding last year, we had painted the whole house and our paint of choice was of course Berger. But for 3 months of painting the house duration, we literally had the worst time of our lives. The whole house was a mess, dirty with splatter to paint everywhere. We had hired the regular labors to get the job done, they do not clean your properly before they leave for the day. With sanding, dusting, painting it was a never ending cleaning job for ma and my family. I just wish that Berger had this solution back then. Our lives would have been much simpler.

They have machines like Sander, Mixer, Water jet cleaners, Paint sprayer and so many others which makes a paint job faster, cleaner and better. They have their team who would come to your house with all these tools for a hassle free painting without making your house a mess. And they charge the same as you would have to pay a day laborer. With this automated process, the results are much better which you can never get when it is done manually. We were shown a demo and I am already sold. To save myself from all the pain of cleaning up after paint job and also to have top class finish, I am going to call Berger Express Painting team, next time when I get my house painted. You can query about this service from Berger Paint Stores available in your city.

Next we moved on to the games that were planned for us. We were divided into team of 6 to 8 max and the first round was to sand a board covered with plaster of paris. We got into the mad doctor attire and scrubbed off the board like it was no one's business. Our team The Bloggeratti, finished off in 34 secs. Next round was to paint for a cause with Berger paints and we chose to make our city clean and of course Berger paint would make it more beautiful. Guess what, our team was the runner up. All of us won a Microsoft Automatic Dual Phone Charger. Cool No ?!!

There were contests on twitter on our tweets, pictures and cool prizes like JBL speakers, Power banks, Bluetooth speaker etc were given out. The evening came to an end, dinner was served, there was a grand buffet by the Grand Hotel, and we nom nom nom-ed happily. We got our goodie bag and headed home with a happy mood and a big smile on our faces.

The night got us all the bloggers together, share tips, getting to know each other and also about our blogs, and most importantly make some new friends. I think I speak for all the bloggers here in Kolkata when I say " Thank You Indiblogger and Berger XP for this amazing night you gave us, we would surely cherish these moments forever. We are looking forward to much more amazing events like this in days to come here in Kolkata"


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