Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple Haze // Review and Swatch

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple
 Hello Lovelies,

It was a long weekend with Id falling on Friday, perfect time to get away. So me and my husband went to Puri (reason for my MIA over the weekend and not being able to reply to your comments and read your blog updates). I am back today morning and back again with review of another product from Chambor. I used this as part of my EOTD while reviewing the Mascara from Chambor. Emmy from Make up with Emmy asked me about what I used. BTW if you have not checked out her blog, please do, I am fan of her amazing eye look creations.

So this eye pencil is Chambor's Ultra Glide Eye Pencil which has been in the market for quite some time, but I never tried it. And I got this as a free gift when I purchased the Chambor Infinite Lash Mascara, who does not love free goodies.

Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple

Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple
Product Claims ~

Chambor introduces a perfectionist eye pencil; ULTRA GLIDE which is extremely soft, smooth & natural & has more than 70% natural ingredients like carnauba and candellila.

Carnauba and Candellila are skin protection agents and therefore the Ultra Glide Pencils can be even termed as Natural Eye Liner Pencils.
Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple

Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple
Price : Rs 365

The eye pencil comes in a regular pencil casing with a plastic transparent cap having silver diamond patterns. I like Chambor's blue outer case with silver lettering. To me it looks very elegant.

The texture of the color pencil is very soft and smooth and it glides on effortlessly giving a glossy finish after application. The color pigmentation I would say is kinda OK-ish. Nothing wow. Now coming to the real deal. The eye pencil smudges so bad that I had hard time not to make to go all over my eye lid. I am a Bengali with Asian hooded eyes, so if  my eye liner or kohl is not smudge proof, then it is not for me. You can see a tiny speck of purple color near by crease, and that happened because I blinked once while application. So as an eye liner pencil it is an epic failure.

Next I tried to use it as eye shadow, I tried to blend it well, but how much ever I tried it made my eye feel sticky and as if some one gave me a black eye. So bottom line I can not use it as an eye shadow as well.

If you have an oily eye-lid and have hooded eyes, then there are much better products available in the market on which you can spend your 365 bucks. You can give this is a try only if you have extremely dry eye lids and not an hooded eye. By the way, I tried this on my mother who has big beautiful protruding eyes, she blinked couple of times after application and there it was, all over her eye lids.

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend. I am going to post about my Puri trip in coming days.

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