A touch of oomph to your lustrous mane by CC Hair Extensions

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Come award season and I am literally glued to TV or YouTube on the latest fashion of celebrities. I just love ogling on their Dresses, Jewelry, Hair and make up and all that glitter. One celebrity of my fancy is Eva Longoria, always on the best dressed list and most importantly, her amazing luscious mane. Since her Desperate Housewives days, I always wondered how she managed to maintain all that hair, how they are so so gorgeous all the time. Some are blessed with the good hair genes I guess. And for some like me, is there a thing called the worst hair gene ? If so, I am the proud possessor of it. And that gene is mutating or evolving to be even worst than what it is already day by day. So for the girls who are in the same boat like me or not, who wants to flaunt thick bouncy gorgeous hair, for them move over wigs, say Hello to hair extensions. And there is one particular company called the CC Hair Extensions, who has amazing collections of Indian Remy hair, of good quality and looks natural for us to try.

 CC Hair Extensions is an online human hair extensions store who sells various hair extensions with high quality but at a budget price. All our Hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair and they do not sell anything synthetic. They ship world wide as well. Their extensions are sourced from India and Brazil directly from manufacturers without any middle man, hence they are able to give the good quality product at an budget rate. I am so impressed with the choices of hair extension you can get from them.


Clip in hair extension is the most popular human hair extensions, and this company have got your covered. They have a wide rage of hair extensions from 15 inch to 28 inch,with varied weights based on your requirements. It is the easiest hair extensions to wear and take off without any hassle. You just clip this in your partitioned hair and voila instant volume and bounce to your hair.

They have wide selections of  Hair weave also called hair weft. And this is very popular with women of color. I have a very close friend who is from Ivory Coast, she is a woman of color and I used to always be in awe of her hair styles. Every week she used to flaunt different hair styles with varied lengths, and I am sure she used extension. I never asked her thinking I might offend her. Hair weave now a days are very common with Indian men as well. I have noticed many men with receding hair line, opting for this. And since this brand uses only high quality Indian hair, so I am sure their products would match our hair textures.

I went a bit nosy and started looking around on what else they have to offer. To my surprise, they have everything starting from Micro Loop, Bonded Hair, Tape Hair, Closures and variety of accessories. There is a wide variety of choices for colors, length and weight. Check out there options HERE.

I wish that I had found out about this brand before my wedding. For my wedding hair do, my hair stylist used a lot of synthetic hair which did not look natural and one can easily make out the difference. I did not have any access on actual good quality human hair then. So I had to flaunt synthetic ones. Hence I would suggest if you have your big day coming up, or any special occasion, where you want to make your hair look lustrous and voluminous without making it look fake and synthetic do check this brand out. You would be spoilt for choices.

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