Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple Haze // Review and Swatch

Chambor Ultra Glide Eye Liner Pencil in Purple
 Hello Lovelies,

It was a long weekend with Id falling on Friday, perfect time to get away. So me and my husband went to Puri (reason for my MIA over the weekend and not being able to reply to your comments and read your blog updates). I am back today morning and back again with review of another product from Chambor. I used this as part of my EOTD while reviewing the Mascara from Chambor. Emmy from Make up with Emmy asked me about what I used. BTW if you have not checked out her blog, please do, I am fan of her amazing eye look creations.

So this eye pencil is Chambor's Ultra Glide Eye Pencil which has been in the market for quite some time, but I never tried it. And I got this as a free gift when I purchased the Chambor Infinite Lash Mascara, who does not love free goodies.

Chambor Infinite Lash Lengthening Mascara // Review

Chambor Infinite Lash Lengthening Mascara

If you think there's no such things as a magic wand, you have clearly never used a Masacara

Mascara is pure Magic, and there's never a thing as too much mascara. And this girl, never runs out of it, there's always one in her make up bag. I feel you can never go wrong with Eyeliner, Lipstick and Mascara. Although I swear by The Falsies by Maybelline. But there's no harm in trying other brands isn't it ? And specially this one which claims to actually lengthen your eye lashes and make them longer.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion // Review and Swatch

We Bengalis have a thing for tea, and me is no exception in that department. I love tea and every kinds of them. So green tea in skin care products, got me even more interested. I am unfortunately not one of those lucky bloggers who would get goodies from The Body Shop to try and write about it. So I have to shell out my money, and when The Body Shop launched their Fuji Green tea collection, I only got the one product that I know I need the most currently. It's almost fall, and I do not need heavy body butters yet, and I already have my stock of body washes, scrubs, fragrances for the season. I was running out of body lotion though and had to get one, so why not try the newly launched one. I have got this around a month back, and I have been using it ever since. In case you are wondering what these leaves are in the pictures, well yes these are green tea leaves which I took from my father's store ( he has a business of tea leaves).

September 2015 Fab Bag | Third Anniversary Issue

First of all Happy Birthday to Fab Bag and I wish that you grow more fabulous in the years to come.

This month I am truly happy with Fab Bag as it has exceeded all my expectations. I did not chose to order for the month of August, only because I did not get the products I was expecting in the July Bag. But when I saw beauty bloggers post their September Bag, I just could not wait any longer and ordered mine, hoping to get all the products as others did. And guess what I got the same too. The bag contains all the products that I actually wanted to try and I am glad that I am getting them at a cheaper price through Fab Bag.

My tiny Kama Ayurveda Haul - Repurchase and New

Last year this time around when Autumn was about to set in, I made my rendezvous with Kama Ayurveda with their face creams both Eladi and the Brightening Night Cream. This is the time when your skin starts to get a a bit dry and the air gets drier and cooler, and this is the time when you have to part your ways from your favorite summer time night cream for oily skin ( Vichy Night detox in my case ). I could think of no other night care cream than the Kama Ayurveda.

A touch of oomph to your lustrous mane by CC Hair Extensions

Come award season and I am literally glued to TV or YouTube on the latest fashion of celebrities. I just love ogling on their Dresses, Jewelry, Hair and make up and all that glitter. One celebrity of my fancy is Eva Longoria, always on the best dressed list and most importantly, her amazing luscious mane. Since her Desperate Housewives days, I always wondered how she managed to maintain all that hair, how they are so so gorgeous all the time. Some are blessed with the good hair genes I guess. And for some like me, is there a thing called the worst hair gene ? If so, I am the proud possessor of it. And that gene is mutating or evolving to be even worst than what it is already day by day. So for the girls who are in the same boat like me or not, who wants to flaunt thick bouncy gorgeous hair, for them move over wigs, say Hello to hair extensions. And there is one particular company called the CC Hair Extensions, who has amazing collections of Indian Remy hair, of good quality and looks natural for us to try.

Indiblogger Berger XP Kolkata Bloggers Meet Sept 2015

When I say I had a fun Saturday, the statement would be quite understated. I am actually running out of adjectives to describe this amazing event that Indiblogger hosted with Berger Paints specially for us "The Kolkata Bloggers".The event was held at the Ball Room of The Oberoi Grand Hotel, the venue itself makes it such a Gala evening. This beautiful vintage room just came alive with all these lovely people who all shares one common passion, write and express oneself without being judged and of course have a voice. With fun events, Berger Express Painting Presentation, prizes, goodies and last but not the least, the yummy spread of the Grand Buffet, altogether made the evening simply splendid.

Rustic Art Aloe Delight Shampoo - An SLS/SLES/Paraben Free Vegan Shampoo // Review

Dear Sulfates,

I do not like how you behaved with me and how you make me feel. The touch of you irritates me, make me cry and remembering all the pain that you have put me through, I do not want you in my life any more. I would do just anything to keep you thousands miles away from me. I have managed so far, and I promise you that I would continue to do the same.

With not so much love,
My Skin.

After that heart wrenching letter I am never going to torture my skin with sulfates again. And in my quest to do so, I landed on a shampoo by the brand called Rustic Art. The variant that I am sharing with you today is their Aloe Delight.

Lotus Color Kick Kajal Review and Swatch

Lotus Make-Up Color Kick Kajal

Indian women and her kajal has an eternal bond which can never be broken. All of us have at least one, and would probably never be seen without it. Few days back, a friend of mine at office came literally running to me after she returned from her work assignment in Bangalore and these were her exact words :
" You have got to try this out, this is best kajal I have used so far, its stays on for forever"

There was that excitement in her voice which saying it loud and clear that she had found her soul mate. She got me excited too and I made no delay and that weekend I got this.

I have been using this ever since and today I am going to share with you my side of the story.

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter Review

Ahh the lips !! Why do you get so dry and chapped sometimes ?

My lips tends to get dry quite often because of chilled indoor AC at work for almost 10 hours a day. Life of an IT Professional !! So I just cannot do without a lip balm, lip salve, lip butter or any thing that takes care of chapped lips. Recently during the TBS Sale, I purchased this lip butter as I was almost done with the lip balm of the same variant. And this has been part of my daily nightly skin care routine without fail. Read on to know whether to get this or to skip this.

Where to get Korean Face Sheet Masks for FREE !!

Do you like Korean Skincare ? Have you ever tried any ?

I was always astonished with the Korean women on how flawless they are. If you read about their daily beauty regime, you would surely be overwhelmed to see how many products they use and how strict they are on their beauty regime. I really want to talk to the Korean women and ask her how do they manage all that maintaining work, home and everything else. Truly amazing.

Well, I am no Korean, and I certainly do not have all that patience to perform skincare routine. So my best possible options to try to have an amazing skin is with the easy peasy just like a daisy approach of "Face Sheet Masks"

And then I landed on