L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream - Review

Saturday, August 01, 2015

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream
Hello dearies, let me share with you another dilemma in my skin woes land "my under eye". My eye pockets are extremely dry which has given rise to few very fine lines. And also with a little sleep disorder I have managed to get myself some panda eyes. I needed a rich luxurious eye cream which would moisturize my under eye area while reducing dark circles and fine lines. I got this eye cream after seen that this has been listed as one of the best eye cream in many websites, lets see what this has done for me.

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream

According to L'oreal Research ~

The patented Pro-Gen Technology is designed to help tired skin to recover and re-establish its natural "youth code". Your skin behaves more youthfully , looks smoother, more radiant.

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream

Product Claims ~

Its luxurious illuminating texture melts into the skin enveloping it with moisture.

Visible Results ~

-1 Hour : Skin feels smoother and re-hydrated
-1 Week: The area appears more rested and looks radiant.
-1 Month : Wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags appear visibly reduced. Skin looks rejuvinated.

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream
Use ~

- Every morning and/or evening, apply Youth Code eye cream around the eye contour area.
- Particularly target crow's feet and under-eye bag.

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream
Price : Rs 925 for 15 ml
Get it from Here

I love the cute and modern packaging of the eye cream. It comes is a milky white tiny square glass tub with a back cap. The tub is a bit heavy but the size being small you can definitely carry it in your make up pouch. I found it travel friendly. The product has a light mouse like consistency. Since only my eye pocket area is super dry and the rest of my face is super oily, if this cream would have been of heavy consistency, it would have definitely broken me off. The cream has a very pleasant light smell that of a honey or nectar, very soothing which I just love.

Coming to how the cream fairs. The cream being light weight does not feel heavy on skin, It gets absorbed quickly after a bit of messaging in with your finger tips in light circular motion. Like it claims, yes it does makes skin feel smother and hydrated after an hour. I have been using this for a month now. In this month's time I did notice that my under eye area looks healthy due to which my dark circles looks little less gruesome. But however, it did not do anything for the fine lines. They are still there. I have been using this only as part of my night care routine. I have not used it for day time. I am going to give it another one month to see if it at all does any thing for my dark circles and fine line, if not then hunt for a next best eye cream would continue.

Overall, for the price it comes at, I expected that this would vanish my dark circles and minimize fine lines, but it did not. If you are looking for an eye cream which would make your eye area look healthy and you do not have any under eye troubles then you can definitely get this one. If you are having very terrible panda eyes with wrinkles, then this would not be your solution.


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