Introducing Sulfate and Paraben free Body Washes from Just Herbs

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just Herbs Sulfate and Paraben Body Washes
If you have been following my blog, you would know it already how much I love sulfate and paraben free products. I am allergic to sulfates and for my hair and skin it just does not suit me. Many of the body washes available in the market makes my skin too dry because of their SLS/SLES content and soaps are a big No No. I have been using these body washes from Just Herbs on and off for a month now. Read on to find how they are.

Just Herbs Sulfate and Paraben Body Washes

These body washes are relatively new launch from Just Herbs, and there are three variant available

  • Kumuda – Sacred Lotus rejuvinating body wash
  • Malabar Lemon Grass – invigorating body wash
  • Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose – gentle body wash

I got the Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash in full size. I was not keen on trying the other variants as I am a bit nosy person and it matters to me a lot on how my bath products should smell. Roses were the safest option. Just herbs team is amazing in sending out samples, so in addition to this they had sent me their other variant in sample sizes.

Price : Rs 545 for 200 ml
Get it from HERE

Just Herbs Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash

Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash ~

Company Claims ~

Shatpatri or the rose with “hundred petals” has its special place in Ayurveda. A great emotional stimulant, mind pacifier and skin nurturer this flower has been also been used to promote physical and emotional love for centuries. Wildly cultivated throughout India and also in the French city of Grasse – the perfume capital of the world, its fragrance is clear and sweet with light notes of honey. This mild and gentle sulphate and paraben free formula seeks to transform your bath into an indulgent rejuvenating ritual.

  • Gentle formula
  • Sulphate & paraben free
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients

Just Herbs Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash

The Body Wash comes in a long bottle with a pump dispenser which I find very sturdy and efficient.  I prefer this kind of pump packaging over the normal flip cap ones. While in shower the flip cap ones always slips from my hand and falls ( as I am Miss Butter Fingers and always in a hurry). Its a big bottle which sits pretty on my bathroom cabinet, I press on the pump and dispense product into my palm or loofah and I am good to go.

The wash has a gel like consistency and lathers well.  AsI do not prefer using loofah everyday I use the body wash directly and it cleanses effectively. I will tell you why you should not use loofah and scrub daily. I once visited a dermatologists for my darkening of skin issue, and she told me that if you scrub using loofah frequently the skin will darken. So once in a week scrubbing is fine. 

The body wash smells of roses, almost like their PetalSoft Face Pack, but it dies down quickly. The aroma is so mild that when I come out of bathroom, the bathroom does not continue to small of roses for a long time which The Body Shop Shower gels does. What is good about this is my skin feels soft, supple and no dryness. Many a times when I am rushing, I have noticed that if I skip body lotion, the skin does not crave for it either through out the day. So lets sum up the goodies and baddies.

  • Being sulfate free, lathers well and cleanses skin effectively.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • The mild aroma of roses is very soothing to senses and relaxing as well.
  • The skin does not feel dry after wash, it is very gentle on skin.
  • The smell is so mild that it dies down quickly and you cannot expect to smell of roses all through out the day.
  • Expensive

Just Herbs Kumuda Indian white water lily Shower Gel & Lemongrass Body Wash

Coming to the other variants. The goodness is same as Shatpatri, so I would detail you on how these smells.

Kumuda – Sacred Lotus rejuvinating body wash :

This variant has a very mild floral note, which could be of water lily but as I have never smelled water lily so I cannot confirm. The aroma is soothing but the problem is same Shatpatri, it dies down. This floral aroma is nothing to go gaga over, I did not like it that much.

Malabar Lemon Grass – invigorating body wash :

This one smells a bit tangy not lemony or citrusy. The smell might be of lemon grass, again I do not know how lemongrass smells, so cannot confirm. Honestly I do not like the smell at all. And I am sure this smell night be too strange for many noses.

Out of the three, I would say Shatpatri is my favorite one and I love the mild fragrance of roses. I wish Just Herbs team would have made it more aromatic so that the aroma lingers on for quite some time. For the price it comes at, one would expect the aroma to linger on longer. I would not be purchasing Kumuda and Malabar Lemongrass variant, as I did not like their fragrance. If you can excuse this part, then this body wash is excellent and is very gentle on skin which I just love. So you can definitely give them a try.


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  1. this body wash is excellent and is very gentle on skin which you just love. So you can definitely give them a try.
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