How this Real technique Core Collection was added to my collection : FOR FREE !!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Real Technique Core Collection
First of all Happy Independence day to my lovely readers. How did you send your day ?

Almost every blogger and make up junkie owns this or knows about this. It is the Real Technique Core Collection brush set. We all know how amazing these brushes are and how beautifully it applies make up. So I am not going to do a review post here. I am going to share with you today how this ended up with me for free. Don't get misguided here, well I did not receive this from Real Technique for free. Read on to know the sweet story with a twist behind this.

When ever I am free I am glued to Youtube watching videos on make up tutorials, don't us girls just love watching them. Much to my husband's amusements he just gets awed on the fact that how can I watch the same kind of videos all the time. The reply that he gets from me is "The same way you watch the same cricket match all the time". From my random blabbering while watching youtube tutorials he might have had an idea on how much I was longing for these brushes. This sweet man went behind my back to surprise me with this.

So he had ordered it from Amazon from a seller called Jho.La. He just has been telling me " A package is going to come for you from Amazon". I have been thinking that he would have ordered a tempered glass screen protector which I know he ordered one for himself. Honestly in my wildest dream have I ever thought that my husband is going to buy make up items for me. What are the odds.

Now comes the twist, he ordered this on 22nd of July and the expected delivery date from Amazon was 3rd Aug. Usually packages gets delivered before the expected date. But sadly there were no updates about the package and the Amazon tracking only showed that the package was in transit till 3rd of Aug. He grew a bit impatient as he had already paid for the brushes.

Him: My package arrived on time, what is with your one, its still in transit.
Me : (Still under the impression its a screen protector). This is very strange, you did not order from the same seller ??
Him : No it's a different seller. Your item was not available with this seller.
Me : Mail the seller, or else will complain to Amazon.

He was a little mad that the surprise he had planned for me was late. This man does not like things getting late. So he mailed the seller about the issue and how he was disappointed on their service.

On the other hand, Jho.La turned out to be very prompt with their reply and apologetic too. See what they had replied below.

My package arrived within 3 days and I came back from work to this pleasant surprise waiting for me on our dinner table. I opened the package and my joys were in leaps and bounds.

Me : This is what you had ordered for me not the tempered glass screen protector?? How did you know I wanted this.
Him : ( A smile on his face with a kiss on my forehead ) What's for dinner tonight.

Don't we just love unexpected surprises from our husbands. His money was refunded by Amazon which made him super happy. His money or mine, it's the same don't you think, LOL. Even though it's a gift, since he did not pay for it, so it's free free free. And I am enjoying my brushes happily.

Check out Jho.La they import few of our favorite products and I found them to be at a reasonable price. The Core Collection at Nykaa is retailing for Rs. 1999 ( without any offer ) and with offer Rs 1599 /- where as this seller is selling the genuine one at Rs.1499/- . If you still do not own this set and wants to get one, you can try out this seller.


* This is not a sponsored post by the seller and no affiliate links.

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