Current Bath and Body Favorite // The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish and Body Sorbet

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello my lovelies, today I am going to share with you a bath and body combo that I have been loving this summer. These are the TBS Satsuma Body Polish and Body Sorbet. Amongst the fruity ones this particular range has been undoubtedly my all time favorite. I have already used shower gels, body lotion, body butter from these range, but never tried the body polish before and their recently introduced body sorbet. So in the recent TBS Sale I picked both these beauties up to try.

TBS Satsuma Body Polish
Price : Rs 650 for 200ml

The packaging of this body polish is plain and simple tube packaging with flip cap nothing fancy but very convenient. The texture is orange color semi gel like consistency with a lot of coarse walnut particles. The walnut scrubs are not too big and not too small, just the perfect size for regular gentle exfoliation. This contains SLES as a cleansing agent, but I have not found this to dry out my skin. The skin feels soft, smooth and fresh. The lovely scent of clementine linger on to skin for quite some time which gives a refreshing feeling. Rachana from Go Beauty Express recently purchased quite a few body polishes recently and I totally agree with what she said.  If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to separately scrub and wash your body then this is a perfect product for you.

TBS Satsuma Body Polish
Price : Rs 795 for 200ml

The packaging of this product is same as the body polishes, tube packaging with flip cap. I like this type of packaging and I will tell you why. Once you have finished the product and then there is that tiniest amount left which you just cannot squeeze out. And then you cannot let go of it also. What you do is cut it open with a scissor and swipe it out.  How many of you have done that ? Butchered the tube !! I did, and I have stopped counting the numbers.
Coming to how the product is. The consistency is not creamy, its feels gelationous. And once applied in it gets absorbed quickly without any sticky feeling, and without sweating out in extremely hot weather when compared to a regular body lotion. The smells is just amazing, This feels like as if you are applying gelatinous orange juice all over you. I keep the tube in fridge and love the cool feeling it gives to skin. Even if you do not store it in fridge, this gives a cool effect to skin. I am so thankful to TBS to coming up with such an innovative product. During summers, the most trickiest part is moisturizing your skin without making it feeling sticky. This product just does that so well. The skin stays hydrated and moisturized all day long even in AC indoors. I am in absolute love with this body sorbet and next I am going to purchase some other flavor.

Overall, the prices of the products might be on the steeper side, but I just love the feel these gives to my skin. So I am ready to compromise with the prices. I just wish that TBS made the body polish sulfate free. It's high time they ventured into this domain.

What are you summer time favorite bath and body products. Let me know in the comments below. May be I would try some of your suggestions in the coming days.


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