Surprise Surprise ~ My first Giveaway ~ L'oreal Paris Cosmetics

I am newbie in the blogging world even though I have been a fan of this world since the start of time. Within my short span of time of here I am so glad that I have made wonderful friends. I am thankful to all the amazing and talented women I have come across, who inspires me and makes me want to blog more. I am so much enjoying my time and stay here and I wish to do more with your constant love and support. My readers and fellow bloggers, you guys are amazing. I am announcing my first giveaway for all of you as a token of appreciation.

Current Bath and Body Favorite // The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish and Body Sorbet

Hello my lovelies, today I am going to share with you a bath and body combo that I have been loving this summer. These are the TBS Satsuma Body Polish and Body Sorbet. Amongst the fruity ones this particular range has been undoubtedly my all time favorite. I have already used shower gels, body lotion, body butter from these range, but never tried the body polish before and their recently introduced body sorbet. So in the recent TBS Sale I picked both these beauties up to try.

What I stocked from Nykaa Freedom Sale

I will be honest with you that till now my make up brushes were limited to Vega and QVS. Although QVS according to me has some pretty decent brushes but Vega and I never made that intimate bond where I would not be able to part ways from it. Vega brushes are poky and rough and I do not like the way it feels on my skin. I was quite pleased with the QVS brushes until my new found love in the Real Technique Core Collection came into my life and swept me off my feet. I can hear distant cries from all Vegas and QVS's but sorry dearies, I have moved on. So when Nykaa had thus huge Freedom Sale going on during the Independence time, I had to stock up my kitty with the basic sets from Real Technique.

Introducing Alcohol Free Toners from Just Herbs

Just Herbs Alcohol Free Toners

If you have acne prone skin, cleansing toning and moisturizing regularly with right kinds of product would help in vanishing those tiny monsters from your skin. Ask me, since the time I had started with a proper regime my skin has never been better. Wash off with a mild sulfate free cleanser which I strongly recommend. And when it comes to toners, alcohol free is a must. Though alcohol helps to adhere acne preventing ingredients to your skin, but it dries it up as well leading to more oil production. I was on the look out for alcohol free toners and when Just Herbs introduced their line I had to get them and which I did. The initial version of the toners introduced by Just Herbs did not leave up to my expectation, you can find the review HERE.  But Just Herbs had revived their formula and the second generations of the toners were sent to me try out. I have been using these for some time now, read on to find out how these are.

How this Real technique Core Collection was added to my collection : FOR FREE !!

Real Technique Core Collection
First of all Happy Independence day to my lovely readers. How did you send your day ?

Almost every blogger and make up junkie owns this or knows about this. It is the Real Technique Core Collection brush set. We all know how amazing these brushes are and how beautifully it applies make up. So I am not going to do a review post here. I am going to share with you today how this ended up with me for free. Don't get misguided here, well I did not receive this from Real Technique for free. Read on to know the sweet story with a twist behind this.

Introducing Sulfate and Paraben free Body Washes from Just Herbs

Just Herbs Sulfate and Paraben Body Washes
If you have been following my blog, you would know it already how much I love sulfate and paraben free products. I am allergic to sulfates and for my hair and skin it just does not suit me. Many of the body washes available in the market makes my skin too dry because of their SLS/SLES content and soaps are a big No No. I have been using these body washes from Just Herbs on and off for a month now. Read on to find how they are.

Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick - Midnight Pink & Caramel Custard - Review and Swatch

Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick - Midnight Pink & Caramel Custard

Hello Lipstick Lover,

Today I am sharing with you two additions in my lipstick collection from the Maybelline New York Color Show Range. Maybelline had introduced this lipstick couple of months back, and I grabbed two of the shades which I find are extremely wearable of regular use. I have been using these two beauties for the past one month and I am absolutely in love with them.

My Summer skincare favorite - Just Herbs Silksplash and Petalsoft

Just herbs Silksplash Rehydrant Facewash and Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack
 Hello Beautiful,

Today I am going to share with you my absolute summer time favorite products from Just Herbs which I just cannot leave without. I swear by these two amazing products and can not think of switching to anything else. These are Sliksplash Rehydrant Face Wash and Petalsoft Antitan Rose Face Pack.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream - Review and Swatch

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

Hello Lovelies... Today I am reviewing the Tea Tree BB cream by The Body Shop. I like the fact that The Body Shop has BB creams in their different skin care ranges, so that women can chose specifically what they want and what problem area of their skin they want to target with a BB cream. Most of the BB creams available in the market are loaded with SPF, some how I feel in Indian Summer make up with SPF does not provide much protection. Its better to slather to good quality sunscreen underneath. I had used Loreal BB cream in the past which had SPF and Hyaluronic acid. You can find the review HERE. But while travelling to office I went back to my heavy duty sunscreen routine as that BB cream was not giving good protection I felt. So I thought to get a BB cream which would help in calming my acne.

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream - Review

L'oreal Youth Code Youth Boosting Eye Cream
Hello dearies, let me share with you another dilemma in my skin woes land "my under eye". My eye pockets are extremely dry which has given rise to few very fine lines. And also with a little sleep disorder I have managed to get myself some panda eyes. I needed a rich luxurious eye cream which would moisturize my under eye area while reducing dark circles and fine lines. I got this eye cream after seen that this has been listed as one of the best eye cream in many websites, lets see what this has done for me.