Vichy Normaderm Night Detox Anti-imperfection Clarifying Care Review

Monday, July 06, 2015

I am constantly battling acne issues though it had subsided a lot with regular CTM routine and staying hydrated, but Mr. Acne does not seem to leave me alone. He just pops up every now and then. And he has definitely left his marks behind to constantly remind me of him. So I needed a heavy duty night cream to erase him from my memory during the summer time and then I stumbled upon Vichy Normaderm Night Detox Anti-imperfection Clarifying Care. I have been using this for a month now as part of my night care routine. I will share with you now how much this actually worked.

According to their Website :

For the 1st time Vichy creates a night care that targets sebum and toxin overproduction at night.
Product CONCERN: Adult women with imperfection-prone skin.

Product Claims :


At night, oily skin accumulates toxins and produces an excess of sebum which leads to the development of imperfections and bad skin quality. Normal skin produces less toxins and sebum and wakes up to clean skin. Upon awakening, oily skin shows a dull complexion and dirty look.
DETOX TECHNOLOGY: [Eperuline 0,5% + LHA 0,3% + Salicylic Acid 0,5%] + PURIFYING TECHNOLOGY: [Perlite 0,25% + absorbing powders]

Does not itch or irritate, very well tolerated by skin, comfortable, and convenient for sensitive skin.

Light weight texture, fresh, oil free & non greasy.

Price: Rs 900 for 40 ml
Availability : Beauty Stores and Online

The product comes in a green plastic tube with a pointed nozzle The packaging is very sleek and travel friendly. It is pale greenish in color and has the consistency of that of a serum. It has a lovely scent, that of any Vichy products. I somehow like the smell of Vichy products. It is quite light weight spreads easily on skin and gets absorbed after a minute or two.

I like the fact that this has power packed ingredients like Salicylic Acid which prevents pores from getting clogged, LHA and Glycolic Acid exfoliates dead skins and reveals clear skin from underneath. This does has silicone but it is paraben free.

I take a pea sized amount and spread it all over my face avoiding the eye area after cleansing and toning the face. I wait for couple of minutes for it to soak in and then go to bed. What I have noticed is that my face is comparatively less oily the next morning than before ( without applying any night cream ). But I would not say that my face is completely oil less.

Though it had not prevented from acne to come up, you know during that time of the month, but it had definitely lightened the acne marks. It did not lighten pigmentation though. I have some pigmentation problems around my lip area and those are still there. It did even out the skin tone a bit and my pores which used to look like manholes now looks like potholes, so it did reduce pore size a bit. It has not caused any irritation in my skin and it did not break me out. And I am sure if I continue using this for many months to come my acne scars is going to diminish even more. It also keeps my skin hydrated, but I am sure this would not be enough for the winter. I am satisfied with this night care for the summer, but I would have to search of something else for the winter.

Hence, I definitely recommend this to women who has acne problem and is looking for a light weight night cream for the summer to control hyper sebum production and improve skin texture, provided you are not allergic to any of these active ingredients. For the price and the quantity this is definitely on the higher side, but you would not be totally disappointed with this.


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