Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette Review and Swatch

Friday, July 03, 2015

Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette 
When I laid my eyes on this multi-purpose palette I could not resist but purchase it. MUA has some great affordable cosmetics and their eye shadow palettes are quite decent considering the affordable price it comes at. With a lot of persuasion from naughty devil side of me I plunged in to order the palette from MUA. You can find the details about my first international shipping Here.

Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

MUA Claims :

This is a beautiful artiste collection palette on the go which helps create a full face all in one, with 6 brand NEW merged eye shadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter.

Shades include shimmery merged tones for fashion-forward statement smoky eyes with light and earthy naturals for an everyday look which can easily be transformed into an evening smoky eye look. The two blushes include warm pink shades for a soft shimmer finish. Finally the contour and highlighter helps create a flawless sculpted natural glow.

These rich, high-pigmented colours help achieve a stunning look this summer.

Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

The palette comes in a decent plastic case, of not very high quality without any mirror. There are 6 eye shadow, 2 blusher, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. There is a double ended foam applicator. Honestly I did not find the packaging to be  travel friendly as there is no mirror and if you carry it in a bag containing a lot of things, this might break in the friction. The eye shadow cases are quite big and different than any of their other palettes. I wished that the eye shadows should have been smaller and the blush should have been bigger. It would be difficult to take blush in a brush without spillage in the eye shadow compartments. I am not very happy about the fact that this contains paraben.

Price : 6 GBP around 600 INR
Availability : MUA Online Store

Please excuse the hairy scary monster that is my hand in the above swatch pic. The swatches are in order of the content in the palette.

Pistachio: Pistachio is a shimmery pale sky blue color with a cobalt blue marble effect. On a warm skin tone this appears to be like a white shimmer, when applied without any primer or base. This might show its true colors on a very fair skin.

Mocca: Mocca is a shimmery pale coffee color with a hint of brown marble effect. This again would suit a very fair skin.

Ice: This blue shade is decently pigmented and again I have noticed that without any primer of eye shadow base the colors are not showing through. This has a sky blue marble.

Grape: Grape is a beautiful purple shade with shimmer. I like this shade. This also has a sky blue marble.

Chocolate: Probably the shade I like most. The brown chocolaty shimmer shade is very wearable for daily use. 

Cookie: This is a burnt brick shade an orangish brown with pink marble effect. This shade is also very wearable.

Pink Sparkle: This is a pale pink blush, again suited for the very fair skin. The color might not show on very warm skin. It is the shade of blush which feels like no blush and just a natural glow.

Primrose: This shade is much better than the Primrose, it has a hint of Coral to it.

Brozed: This is a very good bronzing shade. This shade can definitely be used in contouring the cheeks. For a very warm skin tone, this color might not be enough to contour.

Shimmer Kiss: A pale pink almost white shimmer shade.

What I have noticed is that all the shades are very shimmery and decently pigmented. If you apply this without any primer or eye shadow base, the colors would look very pale. The shades would suit very fair skinned women.  The eye shadow color chocolate and cookie are my favorite from the lot and I am sure I am going to use only these two on a regular basis.

In the above look, I have no primer or eye shadow base on. I have used Mocca, Chocolate, Cookie to create this natural look. And this is the look which I am going to wear at Office. You can see that the shades looks very pale not too bright. I used the MUA E1 brush to blend the shadows and there has been a little fall out. When I swatched with my finger, the colors looked much more pigmented than applied with the brush or foam applicator. The colors stayed on me for around 4 hours without settling into creases.

Overall, with the price at around 600 INR (sans the shipping), I cannot compare it with the high end eye shadows and their packaging. The palette is pretty cheap and great for the fair skinned beauties. The colors might not work for the darker skin tones. It would look pale unless applied with fingers. You can definitely get the palette if you are looking for a budget make up.


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