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Sunday, June 07, 2015

After we were done with Lataguri and all it had to offer, when started our day long journey to again nearby places. I was truly amazed to see there are so many places you can visit while in the Dooars.

Our first stop for the day was Samsing, known for its acres and acres of lands with tea gardens. By far the most amazing tea garden I have ever seen. I have been to Munnar, and honestly the ones we have in Bengal are far more beautiful than the Deccan Hills.

While in Samsing, our driver stopped us at a view point names Lalighoras. The view point is surrounded by beautiful tea garden and down below is a river flowing fly. The hike till the river requires some strength, as going down hill is quite easy and climbing up it is where the pain is. But the road which leads to the river is pavement like and the hike is not dangerous at all. For us, no were are not that of athletic built, so we clicked away pictures from the view point and then headed for Suntelykhola.

Suntelykhola is almost like a hideout in the middle of the hills and forests. There is a government run tourist lodge where only the guests are allowed to visit. Random travelers like us are not allowed in. What so special about this place is the hanging bridge. Only 5 persons are allowed at ones, not more than that. When you walk over it, the bridge sways. Again the hike down to the Suntelykhola is quite easy, but climbing up it is pain. So the locals have arranged for a car drop. They take 150 INR till the bridge, they wait for your till you are done with all charade and then they bring you back. And yes, we are lazy so we opted for the car drop.  There's not much to do really here else but the bridge, but what made our day was the view of this 22 degree halo, a rainbow around the sun. Truly amazing.

Then we headed towards Rocky Island, no its not any island, its just a river hill hilly tourists spot. The river has big boulders hence the name. we had plans to stay for the night there. The road toward the place is so amazing, there are litchi and many other exotic fruits trees lying on both sides of the road. You can just stretch out hands and pluck some, if only they were ripe.  You definitely require a very good driver to driver through that road, as it is yes you guessed it totally rocky. We checked in Rocky Island adventure camp. And oh Boy it is one adventure camp. It has these huts like rooms spread across its lands amid jungle and tall trees. The huts has just very basic amenities, one bed ( chouki like), a dim bulb and a mobile charging point, a bathroom with a WC and running tap. The tap gets water directly from the springs and waterfalls so possibilities of running leaches. There are wild lizard running around everywhere, seeing all of which I was in a panic state.

The camp site also has this cave like structures which many campers rent out to get the taste of wild nature. I am not that adventurous that I would spend the night with snakes and lizard and GOD knows what other animals, reptiles and bugs. We were almost settling in when in my room I saw a very ugly and scary reptile looking creature running amock, and that was it, I could not help myself but scream, so my friends and the camp site owner had to find a place for me with a local at his home. With many requests and negotiation, a sweet guy name Yogendra agreed to rent out one of his room to me and my husband and we stayed the night there. My husband really wanted to enjoy the thrill of wild nature but sadly he had to accompany me to this local's house. My other friends stayed in. Apparently the camp site is a big hit with the college students of Shantiniketan. Every weekend they just flock the site. There were some people who had rented that cave like place in the camp ground nested away beside the river. I would never have the nerve to do that.

If you are an adventure junkie and love wild nature and want to experience it, and do not mind sleeping with insects, wild lizards or snakes, then you must try out Rocky Island Adventure Camp. Honestly I enjoyed the whole day and evening in the camp ground. The evening are so amazing, with dim light in the site, the sound of the ferocious river flowing by, sky fully lit with countless stars and best of friends hanging out with their favorite drink in hand. Priceless. But at night I required a decent room which is lizards/bugs/snakes free for my peaceful sleep.

Keep Travelling,

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