Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by Color Sensational shade REB04 Review and Swatch

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This summer bright pastel shades are so in. From make up to wardrobe this summer is the time to turn some heads with some super bright colors. So I am planning to flaunt orange lips and when Maybelline introduced there Rebel Bouquet Collection, I got a super bright shade of REB04. I have been wearing this color for quite some time now, and I just love love love everything about it. If you have taken your chances on the Rebel Bouquet Collection ( nail polish, lippies, colored kohls ), tell me what is not to love about it. 

Company claims ~

Color Sensational presents the NEW Rebel Bouquet collection. A burst of rebellious colour!

Why You'll Love It
Super-saturated pigments give fresh-picked pastels a bright kick. Sumptuous feel and enriched with honey nectar. 6 vivacious shades.

For Best Results
Apply lipcolor starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

Price: Rs 450 INR
Availability: Online and stores


The lipstick comes in a bright orange and metallic silver packaging. The packaging is same as their regular color sensational one. When I bought the lipstick, it was covered in a plastic wrap which had Rebel Bouquet by colorsensational written on one side, and REBEL written on the other. I loved how pretty it was written on a floral background, and honestly if that was engraved in the main cap body, I would have been much pleased.

The cap body is quite sturdy. I have been carrying it to my office in my make up case daily, the cap has not shown any crack or break. I had dropped the lippie on the floor, mistakenly, it just slipped through my finger when I was rushing ( I am Miss Butterfingers !! ), then too the cap did not break. Please don't throw the lippie too hard at the wall to prove me wrong, it would break. Hee Hee !! Silly me who would try to do that anyways.

The bottom of the metallic silver lipstick holder body displays the shade, manufacturing date on a sticker. The shiny silver body has Maybelline engraved in it.

Color and texture ~

This shade in particular is a bright orangish coral with a hint of red. I feel its an unique combination of orange, coral and red which makes the color to be almost out there and edgy yet being truly wearable and pretty. The color with an edge, that's how I describe it.

This is a very creamy matte in texture which I personally love. I do not like those super matte colors, as they tend to be drying and somehow does not suit me. The texture is again so amazing, it feels moisturizing to your lips and gives a almost glossy matte finish.

I have pigmentation on my lips, which I know is quite a common problem for many girls. My upper lip is slightly darker than my lower lip so I definitely require a highly pigmented lipstick to give an even coverage. This lipstick is so highly pigmented that I have noticed that it is able to cover up the darker section of my lips quite well even with a single coat without applying any lip liner below. I am wearing two coat of this color in the pic above on my lips and I am happy with the finish it gave. The color appears to be of different shade when wore in layers. Single coat I have seen gives a little coral finish, double coat gives a orangish coral finish and more than double coat gives a bright reddish orange finish.

The lipstick being a creamy matte texture it glides on lips so smoothly that I really do not require multiple swipes for even application. I have noticed that once you glide on it feels creamy but when you wait for sometime to allow the lipstick to settle in, it dries up without drying your lips and color just blooms on your lips. I would say apply one coat and then see how the color blooms and then apply the second coat based on it.

If you apply the lipstick on a lip which already had some lip balm applied on, then the lipstick might bleed a little. But if your lips are dry yet exfoliated and moisturized, this does not bleed and gives a nice finish. But if your lips are not exfoliated and moisturized , this would accentuate it making your lips look ghastly.

Now coming to the staying power, you see the first swipe on my hand, bright and fresh. The second pic was taken after trying to take off the color with a very vigorous scrubbing with my thumb. Gentle scrubbing did not take off any color or smudge it even. Even after all that action, a hint of color stayed behind and it was there for a long long time without any further action from my end. The color stays 7-8 hours easily if you eat and drink very carefully. The color is non-transferable almost when it dries up, I did not notice it to stain my coffee cup. I am extremely pleased with it's staying power. It's almost same as the staying power of Maybelline Superstay 14 hours lipstick, but it is not drying and super matte like it. Does not settle in crease.

Overall, I have really not found any thing that I do not love about this lipstick. For someone who is looking for a long staying lipstick which does not dry up your lips and gives a semi matte finish, yet non transferable, then look no further and you should definitely try this one. If this color is too edgy for you, there are other colors which might suit your interest. All the shades in this collection have the shades of peachy pink or coral with mix of reds, oranges in it. Absolutely unique !


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