Mandermoni: A sudden getaway for the weekend

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This weekend was amazing, hubby and I went for a long drive till Mandermoni, it is a beach here in West Bengal in the district of Midnapore. It was such an unplanned, spur of the moment, we literally packed only couple of things and headed out.

So it was Friday and a long day with back to back calls at my office, and I was quite busy. My husband does not usually call me at the busy hours of the day, so when he does, it has to be important. I picked up his  call at 2:30 PM and he goes..

Hubby : Do you have any plans this weekend.

Me: (Thinking, Yeah, I am planning to take some pictures for the blog and write some reviews, parlor visit, waxing schedules, did not bake for a long time, planned to do that, and so on !! ) Well NO !! why what happened, something happened !!

Hubby : No, nothing happened, let's get away to Mandermoni, we would leave tomorrow at around 5:30 am, long drive, I want to avoid traffic. The weather is so romantic, what say ??

Me: ( Literally surprised and jumping with joy and could not be more excited ). It's the beach, I need to wax my legs, I can not leave office early.

Hubby: It's just for a day, don't wear shorts, don't say No for this, lets Go.

Me: Ok, lets go.

Hubby: Please call up Candlewood park and book a room. I am very busy, I cannot call up hotels now, if Candlewood is not available, check for something else.

Me: ( Saying to self, as if I am sitting idle and day dreaming ) You always put this hotel booking in my bucket.

Hubby: You are the best, Love you. Let me know which one you booked. Bye.

With all excitement, I called up Candlewood, and to my much expectation, it was full booked. Let me tell you, this hotel is the best within budget, the rooms ranges from  INR 2200+taxes and INR 2400+ taxes for AC rooms of ground floor and first accordingly. The service, the food and everything else is very good. Since Candlewood park was not available, a colleague of mine suggested Aqua Marina Drive Inn, they had stayed there and the rooms are good he told. So I called them up, booked the Elite room which was available. The tariff was 3000 INR + taxes.

From office we reached home at around 9:30 PM, packed up few things, just the necessities and headed for Mandermoni the next morning at 6:30 AM. The weather was so amazing, it was drizzling, cloudy and extremely pleasant. We reached the hotel at 11 AM, checked in and enjoyed the quality time for the rest of our stay.

Truly, the hotel ambiance is good. The rooms are decent with wide open spaces, the green lawn and just adjacent to the sea. The rooms are big and spacious, the bathrooms are clean, the room service is good. What we hated was the food, the food quality was extremely bad. Only because of the food quality we would never book this hotel. We ordered Bengali fish curry for lunch, the curry tasted like fried fish in chicken butter masala gravy. At night, we ordered Paneer Butter Masala, guess what, the same gravy. I think they have a common gravy for all. To add to our misery, the gravy was the most worst gravy I had ever tasted. The room tariff also we felt is on the steeper side when compared with Candlewood, when Candlewood offers much more beautifully decorated rooms.

The weather was so amazing and romantic, even the love birds at the petting zoo of the hotel, could not help but be all lubby dubby. We are only humans LOL !!

Mandermoni is the perfect getaway not too far from Kolkata. You can easily drive, or there are buses available. One thing we noticed that the beach and the water is deteriorating. The water was dirty brown in color near the shore and stinked, I did not bathe in the sea because of it. During the scorching hot summer, the heat becomes way too unbearable, hence according to me you can avoid during these months. Monsoon according to me is the best time to visit any sea.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


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