Loved it earlier and still loving it - Maybelline the FALSIES Volume'express Mascara

Monday, June 08, 2015

I am an Eyeliner, Mascara and Lipstick person. I have been using Mascara and probably wont be seen without any, since the time I learned what Mascara is. I had been using Lakme, as it was the easily available one when I was in college. Then quickly moved to Maybelline when I was introduced to this brand. I had been using the Colossal and the Falsies Mascara on and off. But used the Colossal more than the Falsies as I have always seen the Falsies being out of stock in my locality, always saw Colossal hence picked that up.

The colossal is almost saying Tah - Dah to me and for some reason I should always have Mascaras as back up, so on my recent visit to NewU, I went to get one. I wanted to purchase the Big Eye Msacara that Maybelline had launched recently. Sadly the SA did not have any in stock, but when I saw in the corner The Falsies, I just picked it up without even giving any second thought. Why you ask, this is probably the best mascara that Maybelline has ever introduced.

The Falsies Volum'Express Mascara is a waterproof formula and the black is one of most intense black that I have seen. The packaging claims to give 1. More visible lashes, 2. Fills the gaps and 3. Gives instant volume. It is supposed to give a False Lash effect after application.

The mascara comes in a cute purple packaging and has an unique flexible wand with a spoon brush that helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes. I love the color purple, I had a phase in my life where all of clothes in my wardrobe were of the color purple. I have come out of that stage, now I am into peach and coral phase !

Price : Rs 475 for 7.5 ml
Availability : Online and Maybelline stalls. 

Well, the picture below is not a very dramatic and artistic one, I was clicking my own pictures like a mad person standing in front of the mirror with a camera in my hand and eye closed, and the below one the best I could get out of my humble camera. To tell you, I have not curled my eye lashes and wearing only this mascara on the my lashes. It does give a false eye lash effect doesn't it.

Firstly, let me elaborate more about the wand, I just love this flexibility, which helps to get rid of excess of product more easily than the regular ones. And this being flexible, somehow I feel that application becomes easy than the regular ones. The spoon shaped brush helps in mascara application on a wider area of you lashes. I just start from the inner corner of my eye and sweep, then from the mid section and sweep again. And with just two sweeps my mascara application is done. For the regular straight shaped brush, I required three sweep, hence tendency of clumping more. I hold the brush with the spoon side against my lash just as the direction and sweep from root to tip. The bristles are smaller and I find smaller bristles provides much more dramatic application. I personally feel that it small bristles are versatile and it works well for both larger lashes and the smaller ones.

Secondly, the finish it give. When the wiggle and jiggle and brush on my eye lashes to try to curl it a little, the curl stays and gives an elongated look to the lashes. This being waterproof, it survived terrible sweats and splashes of water all over my face after I reach office in this terrible summer sun. I used the Colossal and it stayed for about 8-9 hours but at the end of day, I noticed it used to crumble and flake a bit, the Falsies, does not flake and stays on for more than 9 hours easily.

With all the goody goody goodness what is a major baddie about the mascara is removing it. This does not come off easily, only with a make up remover it does. I use vaseline or baby oil to remove my eye make up and with these, it requires some good amount to circular stroke to completely remove the mascara and then I wipe it off with a tissue.

Overall, I love this mascara that I would totally recommend this. I am quite OK with removing it pain, with the dramatic results that it gives I am ready to bear it totally. You should definitely try this, if you haven't tried it yet.

With lots of winks by flattering lashes,

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