Grace Cole Peach and Pear Body Lotion

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Weekend has kicked in and I am busy taking pictures and writing posts for you all. With a hectic work schedule, weekdays I am just dead. I start for office at 8:45 am and reach back home at 9:30 pm. With travelling and such a demanding job that I just do not get any time to do anything that I love.

The color peach and coral has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. I cannot count how many peach colored tops and I have and how many Coral colored lipstick I have. The peach fruit itself is so yummy. I poached peaches once in sugar syrup with cinnamon and served it with some nice yummy vanilla ice cream and it was just divine and to die for. The same goes for pears as well. They are just too yummy fruits and there's so many desserts that you can make out them. No No this is not a recipe post. This is a beauty post and a review post on this yummy peach and pear body lotion by Grace Cole that I recently bought.

Beauty products flavored with fruits just sounds so yummy No !! Well they are a joy to use as well. TBS having the most wide selection of products which are so so fruity,  but I thought to try out other brands. Grace Cole bath and body products has been introduced to Indian Market recently and many beauty bloggers have using them and loved them. They have some amazing bath products that I wanted to try out. But when I saw this yummy looking body lotion on discount, I just clicked on Add to cart on Flipkart right away.

As the bottle claims this is a body lotion meant for moisturizing and reviving. It nourishes skin and leaves it smelling good enough to eat with this moisturizing body lotion. And it is paraben free, cruelty free.

The direction says it to message into the body after bathing for deliciously scented skin.

Sadly from the ingredients list much to my dissapointment there is no actual fruit content in this lotion. It's just color and fragrance. I expected some fruit content to be there.

Price : Retails for Rs 960 in Flipkart. But I got it in discount and paid Rs 760 for 500 ml.
Availability : Online

The body lotion comes in a big transparent plastic bottle with a golden press open cap. I personally feel that any packaging with golden or sliver cap somehow looks very elegant. And I tend to get attracted to them. The quality of the plastic bottle is really good, hence can easily be re-used. After finishing this bottle and thoroughly cleansing it, I might re-use this in the kitchen to store cooking oil.

The bottle lotion is a pale peachy in color and quite thick in consistency. It would not pour out easily, you would have to press the bottle. It's quite heavy as compared to a body lotion and a very little quantity is required. It spreads out easily but does not gets absorbed quickly. It requires a bit of messaging it in. When absorbed in, the skin feels soft, supple and hydrated. And this stays for a long time. For me I stay mostly in AC while in Office or at home, and I have seen that it did not dry out my skin. It kept my skin soft and hydrated all day long. The smell is fruity and peachy but not too overpowering for the nose. A very subtle hint of fragrance stays on the skin for about 2 - 3 hours. This can be used both in summer and in the winters. I am using this now during the month of June, which is like the unbearable hot and humid month, and when I travel during the day time to office it has not caused much of a sweat.

With the price I paid and the quantity I got, I don't know when I would finish this bottle. I would have to make my whole family use this so that the bottle finishes fast and I get to try something else. This is definitely a value for money product and a decent body lotion. If you stay indoors in AC most of your time then you can definitely get this product. If your job required you to travel outdoors in the sun for a long time, then this would not be a product for you. You would definitely require some light weight, easily absorbing body lotion.

Hope you are having a great weekend,


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