Mandermoni: A sudden getaway for the weekend

This weekend was amazing, hubby and I went for a long drive till Mandermoni, it is a beach here in West Bengal in the district of Midnapore. It was such an unplanned, spur of the moment, we literally packed only couple of things and headed out.

NOTW : Frangipani inspired Nail Art with a touch of Colorbar Metallic Nail Lacquer

Rather than doing a NOTD post, I thought of doing an NOTW post, as I paint my nails on Sunday and sport it for the whole week. If there is a party I need to attend in the middle of the week and my current nails would not match with the outfit I am planning to wear, only then I change my nail paint in the middle of the week.

Why I drew this flower specifically, well there are quite a few Frangipani trees in my office which look so pretty in full bloom with a pleasant alluring perfume. I do refrain myself to pluck a few of them. On Friday,  I just could not resist myself while getting in office, I had planned to keep some at my desk for the whole week. Just as I went near the tree to pluck a couple of them, the security guard gave me a nasty look, and started whistling as if I was chopping down the tree. I was so mad, that I would have flipped a finger at the guard, but NO, a Lady doesn't flip a finger does she. Sadly I continued towards my office building without any flower. Hence this week I am sporting a floral motif nail art, inspired by the Plumeria / Frangipani / Champa ( in Bengali), I am definitely going to do a "in your face" to the security guard.

Vichy Eau Thermal Spa Water Spray Review

Vichy has a range of products where they use Thermal Spa water. Not only Vichy if you search the internet you would find so many brands using this special water in their cosmetic formulations. I was extremely curious about what this water does to the skin. So I bought a smaller size to test, thinking if I love it I would buy the bigger bottle. Today I am going to review the Vichy Eau Thermal Spa water.

NOTD : Monsoon Inspired Nail Art

It has been raining on and off this weekend, and Sunday has been utter waste, every time we think of making a plan to go out, it starts pouring in. So to cheer me up what I did, I painted my nails.

DIY : A quick simple very effective healthy mix hair oil


I usually do not apply any hair oil which is mineral oil based with added essential oils, or vitamins etc. I somehow feel that they are not the real deal. Let me share with you all a healthy mix of oil that is the simplest of all DIY. This was actually suggested to me by my best friend a long time ago when I used to cry to her regularly about my hair problems when in Bangalore. She had informed me that her sister was going through the same problem, a problem called Telogen Effluvium and a dermatologists had recommended this healthy mix oil to her rather than some nasty drugs.

Read on to find the benefits this mix of oil gives ..

A tiny little village called Echeygaon

When we were planning our vacation during this May, we came to know that many small villages in the Himalayan hills of Darjeeling / Sikkim are opening up their homes to the tourists and travelers as home stays. They do not have much to offer else but their hospitality in their very humble abode. What the tourists are expected to get is the most amazing views out of their windows in the lap of pure and unadulterated nature, along with local food and a glimpse of the day in the life of these hard working poor souls. When we came to know about these we were very intrigued to experience all that these villages had to offer. Let me share with you about a tiny little village called Echeygaon.

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by Color Sensational shade REB04 Review and Swatch

This summer bright pastel shades are so in. From make up to wardrobe this summer is the time to turn some heads with some super bright colors. So I am planning to flaunt orange lips and when Maybelline introduced there Rebel Bouquet Collection, I got a super bright shade of REB04. I have been wearing this color for quite some time now, and I just love love love everything about it. If you have taken your chances on the Rebel Bouquet Collection ( nail polish, lippies, colored kohls ), tell me what is not to love about it. 

Currently drooling over L'Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 1 and La Palette Nude 2

I love N*UDE eyeshadow palettes, there are so many options to choose from starting from Urban Decay range, Maybelline ( Blushed N*ked), Lorac and the list just continues. But very recently L'oreal has introduced these N*DE palettes in the international market which are sadly not available in India. I am still trying to find an seller who would ship these palettes to me in India, till now my search has only been in vain.  They have two available options the N*DE 1 and the N*DE 2 having the widest range to shimmers and satin matte colors.

OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Sulphate Free Shampoo

If you have problems with itchy scalp, dandruff and hair fall, if your scalp gets irritated with harsh chemicals, then you must immediately switch to a sulfate free / paraben free shampoo. I have done it and trust me it had helped me a lot. The scalp is much healthier than before, and the dandruff problem that I had has subsided considerably. I am still in search for that holy grail of sulfate free shampoo easily available in Indian market, but today I am reviewing another product, by a very well known brand called the Organix. I purchased their thick and full biotin and collagen shampoo which fits my hair conditions perfectly. I have never tried any shampoo from Organix and always read positive reviews and when I came to know about this variant, I thought to give it a try.

Many companies now a days are venturing into making SLS/SLES free shampoos, but the substitute they use, are they safe at all ?

Loved it earlier and still loving it - Maybelline the FALSIES Volume'express Mascara

I am an Eyeliner, Mascara and Lipstick person. I have been using Mascara and probably wont be seen without any, since the time I learned what Mascara is. I had been using Lakme, as it was the easily available one when I was in college. Then quickly moved to Maybelline when I was introduced to this brand. I had been using the Colossal and the Falsies Mascara on and off. But used the Colossal more than the Falsies as I have always seen the Falsies being out of stock in my locality, always saw Colossal hence picked that up.

The colossal is almost saying Tah - Dah to me and for some reason I should always have Mascaras as back up, so on my recent visit to NewU, I went to get one. I wanted to purchase the Big Eye Msacara that Maybelline had launched recently. Sadly the SA did not have any in stock, but when I saw in the corner The Falsies, I just picked it up without even giving any second thought. Why you ask, this is probably the best mascara that Maybelline has ever introduced.

Vichy Normaderm Anti-imperfection Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream

It's so unbearably hot and humid in Kolkata now that skin feels sticky and grimy all day long. My skin was too bored with the Just Herbs Sliksplash, as I have been using that for forever now. So I went for a change. I bought this foaming face wash as it is the only cleanser I saw in Vichy line which is sulfate free. I been using their astringent lotion from the Normaderm range which my skin quite loved. So I invested in cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine from the same range. Now I have an extremely sensitive acne prone skin and it's an ongoing battle. Due to which my skin requires some heavy duty products to clear out the imperfections left behind by Mr. Acne, natural skin care was just not doing enough. 

Grace Cole Peach and Pear Body Lotion

Weekend has kicked in and I am busy taking pictures and writing posts for you all. With a hectic work schedule, weekdays I am just dead. I start for office at 8:45 am and reach back home at 9:30 pm. With travelling and such a demanding job that I just do not get any time to do anything that I love.

The color peach and coral has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. I cannot count how many peach colored tops and I have and how many Coral colored lipstick I have. The peach fruit itself is so yummy. I poached peaches once in sugar syrup with cinnamon and served it with some nice yummy vanilla ice cream and it was just divine and to die for. The same goes for pears as well. They are just too yummy fruits and there's so many desserts that you can make out them. No No this is not a recipe post. This is a beauty post and a review post on this yummy peach and pear body lotion by Grace Cole that I recently bought.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath and Shower Gel in Midnight Tuberose

Last month I finished my much loved Satsuma Body wash from The Body Shop which made me think to search for one which is again sulphate free, cruelty free and obviously would smell divine. My hunt landed me down to this, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath and Shower gel in Midnight Tuberose. Tuberose ( Rajanigandha) in an fragrant flower which is used by almost all the Bengalis in pujas , as a wedding garland, or just to beautify and make home fragrant. During the days when gifting flower were a thing when you are invited for a dinner party, you would always see a Bengali carrying a bouquet of Rajanigandha. Till date I have never come across any beauty product which is perfumed with tuberose until I came across this. So I definitely wanted to give this a try.

I have been using it for a week now. Find out my views on it.