Votre Invigorating Orange Hand and Foot Gel Scrub

Saturday, May 09, 2015

The climate here in Kolkata has gone so bad, its too hot, too sticky. It is impossible to wear socks and covered shoes now because the feet sweats, itches and is extremely uncomfortable. And travelling to office daily and not wearing a covered foot wear has taken a toll on my feet. There is a clear tan mark on my feet of the sandal. Seeing my feet I was having one of those desperate feeling " OH GOD ! let me just scrub scrub scrub this away ! "

The online stores are filled with Votre Products which I have never tried so I just bought this scrub to make it a part of my in house pedicure routine. It's just basic feet soaking, scrubbing followed by a good message.

According to their website Votre is an Indian based finest cosmetic brand under the banner of Trumount Cosmeceuticals. This is India's patented Bio-Cosmetic brand which offers 100% botanical, vegan and cruelty free products and hence my interest to try their products. This is PeTA certified and to know about their story you can read from HERE.

The jar claims it to be tantalizing exfoliator enriched with oils and almond scrub particles which works together to gently dissolve dead cells and reveal perfectly nourished skin.

Ingredients ~

Aloe Vera, Grapes, Rosemery, Strawberry, Wild Soya Bean ( common names in the order of their scientific names as mentioned in the jar ). Did you notice no mention of almonds scrubs in the ingredients list. And no mention of any oils either.

Packaging ~

The product comes in a plastic transparent jar with silver cap. Plain and simple paper wrapper covering the body of the jar mentioning the details. This scrub can be used by both men and women, which is mentioned by a picture which resembles like the ones we usually see on the public toilet doors. Not so pretty packaging.

Direction of use ~

It is to be applied on the desired area and scrubbed gently.

Price : Rs 550 for 75 gms
Availability : Online

When the jar arrived let's be honest I was extremely excited about how this is going to smell. It was my bad that I did not read any reviews of this beforehand. Huge Mistake! 

Since it was orange in color, I had taken it for granted and this would be having those amazing citrusy orangish smell. But when I opened the jar, I was so disappointed that I seriously did not want to use it even. It smelled like faintly orange and more of dettol like. Would definitely remind you of hospital not a Spa for sure. I scooped the product out with my finger and it is like a thick gel consistency with very little almond granules here and there. I scrubbed it in my arms first and found that the gel is getting absorbed pretty quickly making it impossible to scrub even for a minute. The scrub particles are so fine that this ends up being completely ineffective is doing anything. The ingredients lists boasts of straberry, rosemery but you can not smell any one of them. It claims to have almond granules, but not mentioned in the ingredients list.

Even if being all vegan, botanical and cruelty free, this product fails in epic proportions in doing anything. Did not fair much as a hand scrub or a foot scrub. This is so gentle that can only be used as a face scrub but no I would never recommend anyone to do that. This is extremely pricey for the quantity and the quality of the product. 

If you are looking for some heavy duty scrubbing for your hand and feet, this is definitely not it. As far as scrubbing is concerned, the Just Herbs Body Luster Ubtan does a better job than this. Somehow I am going to finish this jar and never ever buy this again ! 


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