Just Herbs Body Luster Sandal-Turmeric Ubtan Pack // A skin Lightening Pack

Friday, May 01, 2015

I am one of those girls who just tans very easily. Even if I am out in the sun for 10 secs I will TAN. 
No kidding !!
I love the sea, but due to the fear of tanning I hate going on beach holidays. Sunscreens protects but not much for me. When I vacationing in Goa, I cannot express in words how much I had reddened and tanned. From my pictures my friends used to call me tandoori chicken, yes that much I had tanned. After returning it was a nightmare to remove the tanning. I used to apply tomato juice daily for like months !! Still I have not been able to recover myself from it. On top of that beach vacation after beach vacation. My husband loves the sea you see. I just cannot say No to the boy !
Again on top of that staying in a place like Kolkata, where the sun shines like he is angry and about to engulf us with his flames during the summer, TANNING is inevitable. GOD only can save my SOUL.

I was crying my heart out to a friend of mine about my super tanned arms and feet who is in same boat like me when it comes to tanning. She told me that she had bought this ubtan pack, but being a lazy bum she could not try it yet. 

Just Herbs is a brand which has all natural products with certified organic ingredients and contains no preservatives in most of its products. I swear by the Neem and Orange Rehydrant face wash of this brand, so without thinking much I order this the same day hoping this would mend my woes.

The company asks you to use this in place of soap. It effectively exfoliates, tones, texturises and rejuvinates the skin leaving it shimmering with renewed vitality and sliky textures. Its regular use prevents skin darkening and reduces fine facial and body hair.

Now coming to the ingredients, this contains turmeric, neem, rakt chandan, fennel, bitter orange peel, chick pea flour, barley meal, lentils and Indian volcanic clay. I am impressed that this contains volcanic clay. I have not come across any packs containing volcanic clay (Bentonite) in my search. This helps in clearing acne, blemishes, scars, burns. The other ingredients are also good when it comes to skin lightening naturally.

The pack comes in a plastic bottle with a golden screw cap. It also has a extra white push cap to avoid product spillage. The texture is of a coarse powder and chrome yellowish in colour. It smells of herbal multani mitti. You would get very faint smell of orange and sandalwood.

The Direction says to make a paste with raw milk and add few drops of mustard oil / almond oil. Juice of aloe vera can also be added for extra moisturizing effect. I made a paste with rose water, skipped the addition of any oil, as it is summer and my skin is already very oily, skipped the aloe vera juice as well. As per the quantity written in the bottle, 1-2 tsp to cover up whole body, is utterly incorrect. That much quantity can only cover one single arm. For the whole body, you would have to almost use 1/4th of the bottle. Hence I just focused on a quantity which would easily cover my arms and feet. I took 6-7 tsp. The pack applies easily and within 20 minutes it dried up good. While removing I scrubbed with wet palms vigorously, because gently would not give the polishing effect. The trouble that haunted me was to apply the pack all over my body. To dry it I need stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Quite boring !! What I did, I took a stool and my favorite novel, sat and dried the pack for 20 minutes in my bathroom while catching up on my favorite novel. Time management HUH !!

When the pack is washed and pat dried, the skin feels clean and fresh. I did notice a glow in my skin but then again it was not long lasting. I have used this for a week now and I did not notice any skin lightening effect. And let me remind you, I hands are severely tanned. Then again you have to be patient when it comes to all natural products. When I would do a empty post on this, then I can confirm you if this had actually removed my tan. But for the moment I am happy with the natural glow it imparts on my skin. 

Price : Rs 295 /- for 75gms
Availability : Online

The Goodies:
  • An all natural products with certified organic ingredients
  • No added preservatives
  • Imparts a glow to skin
The Baddies:
  • Pricey for the quantity given and the quantity required to cover the whole body.
  • Might not vanish tan like magic

Hence: I might re-purchase this if it effectively removes my tan after I am done with this bottle. I am hoping that this would after using daily.


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