A forever staying waterproof lip color which me no likey !!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

If you have known me personally then you already know how much I love lipsticks and lip colors. I would not leave house without eyeliner and lipstick. When in Office, I quickly reapply my lipstick when no one's looking, or people have gone for lunch. I was looking for a lip color of the N*de shade which I can wear easily to office, which would survive meals, cover up my pigmented lips. Wearing vibrant lip colors in office looks too made up. So after a lot of search over the internet, I found this lip color. Read reviews about it which were positive from many bloggers and clicked on the Add to Cart happily.

It is the LA Splash Lip Cotour Liquid Lipstick in the shade of Innocent Vixen. Read on to find out my experience with it.

LA Splash is an drug store American Cosmetic brand, known is US for their affordable cosmetics. I found it in Indian Online shopping site and bought it after reading positive reviews from many blogger.

The product claims to be a rich waterproof shade and will leave a velvety, matte non transferable finish. They have a wide range of colors available quite gothic ones like Phantom (almost cobalt blue), Venom ( black), Vindictive (aqua blue). You really need nerves to carry these colors on your lips and I don't have them. So for me the safe colors options it is.

The lip color comes in a plastic tube with a golden screw cap. The cap is the long wand applicator with a spongy end. The sponge is slightly tilted for easy application and holds a good amount of product.

Ingredients ~

As per the packaging :
C10-12 Alcane/cycloalkane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone, Silica Dimethyl Silyate, Quaternium-18 Bentonite, Propylparaben May contain: CI 77019, CI 77891, CI 15850, CI 45410, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491.

Price : Rs 1000, I got it in discount so I paid Rs 400
Availability: Online

When I opened the cap to apply, I was strangely surprised that there is no perfume what so ever in this. It was smelling too chemical and almost like acrylic paint. With so many chemicals added in the ingredients list they should have added perfume. Hence disappointment #1.

I applied with the wand on my lips and Oh Boy it was not easy to apply, it does not give proper finish. The color and consistency was that of a liquid concealer. One need to remove excess from the wand before applying. I did not find the tip of the wand very user friendly. Hence disappointment #2.

The lip color dries off super quick, hence it becomes so difficult to spread the color evenly. It just sticks to your lip like acrylic paint, it feels like that also. And God forbid if you have used it without exfoliating your lips properly. This would settle in lip lines and make your lips look patchy and horrible. You need to have lips like porcelain and be fair like the Korean Girls to use this. Hence NOT suitable for me, I do not have porcelain lips and I am not Korean LOL. Look at the swatch on the hand, how much it had settled in lines. Hence disappointment #3.

The finish of the lip color is powdery matte, super drying, not flattering on lips at all. And OH MY LORD !!! removing it was one pain in the toosh. I applied it on my lips for this post and it looked so ugly that I swatched it on my hands instead. So lets try to remove it ..

Try #1: Applied the facial cleanser on over my lips, scrubbed, and nothing removed, still there.
Try #2: Applied vaseline and messaged, again no luck. Now me a little panicky.
Try #3: Applied Baby Oil, again no luck, very little removed. Now I started running amok in panic and searched for the make up remover.
Try #4: Found my Color Bar make up remover in the back of the cup board, the bottle was finished and only few drops were left. Poured it on a cotton wool and scrubbed again and much to my panic attack, the color starts to fade away and off my lips finally. PHEWWW ....
Not easily removed, hence disappointment #4

BTW the swatch you see on my hand, I did not remove it with make up remover just to see how long it stays. It stayed for 2 days !! It survived shower, frictions against body, clothes, bed. 

This is so bad, that I am not going to wear it again, I am going to keep it away from my sight so that it does not remind me " There is my 400 bucks down the drain" every time I see it. If I would have bought this for 1000 bucks, I would have literally cried !! No Kidding !!

Only the brighter shades would suit Indian complexion, the Innocent Vixen is not at all. May be you can use this shade to paint Ombe lips. Or else I do not find any reason why anyone should buy this.



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