L'oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream

The BB Creams , CC creams and the tinted moisturizers have taken the world by the storm. Almost all the beauty brand have their version available in the market. If you are not too keen to use foundation on a daily basis, but still require some color and coverage to pep up your skin then BB cream is your answer. These have so many things jam packed in a tiny package. They have good moisturization, sunscreen a hint of foundation what else do you need. I got this from my recent visit to NewU, I got the shade in Gold which matched my skin tone and I am ready with the review now.

L'oreal Paris La creme True Match BB Cream

My first empties post ~ MAY EMPTIES

I love empties posts, whenever I am reading any blog, I first search for their empties post to see what the bloggers have trusted and used and what are their views. My empty bottles were piling up since April and I wanted to finish a considerable amount of products before doing this post.

So here it goes ...

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review

The benefits of Aloe vera is practically uncountable, may it be for skin, hair or health. It contains the largest amount of vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes which are good for your health and digestive system.  This is one miracle plant that you can practically plant in your back yard, terrace or just by the window and watch it grow and do miracle to your hair and skin. Aloe vera calms irritated skin and soothes it, it also helps in removing tan. You should always have a tub of aloe vera gel at home or emergencies like cuts or burns. This definitely helps.

Pages from the backpacking through Dooars Diary - Sight Seeing Around Lataguri

Dooars is a wonderful place filled with forests and hills. There are so many places for sight seeing in Lataguri if you are planning to stay there for a day or two. We stayed for two nights and one and half day. In the half day we did the Medla Watch Tower Safari, and the next whole day we went for local sight seeing. The whole north of the Jalpaiguri district is the border of Bhutan and within half and hour you can reach many of the view points to see Bhutan.

We covered few of the destinations which our time could permit.

Pages from the backpacking through Dooars Diary - Gorumara Forest Jeep Safari

Our elephant safari at the Jaldapara National Park was extremely adventurous. The bumpy ride on an elephant in deep dense forest is some hell of an experience that everyone should enjoy. Our safari was over by 9:30 am and we did not waste any time on leisure. We returned back to our hotel finished breakfast, packed up our rucksacks and headed towards the Gorumara Forests in Lataguri.

Pages from the backpacking through Dooars Diary - Jaldapara Elephant Safari

After our visit to SikiaJhora, we returned to our hotel, Jaldapara Wild Hut. I just loved how the hotel is just adjacent to the forest. They have a watch tower also from where you can get a good view of the forests. If you are lucky you can watch the wild elephants marching through the forest at the comfort of your own hotel. This is the next best stay after the Hollong Bunglow which is inside the Jaldapara Forest. Getting a room there is so tough, they are always booked and many of their rooms are reserved which are not available to regular tourists. If you know someone from the Forest Department or if you can manage to book a room there, I would suggest to stay there.

Pages from the backpacking through Dooars Diary - Sikia Jhora in Buxa Tiger Reserve

Travelling through the North Bengal is much loved by any true blue bengali. All year around, may it be summer or winter sans the monsoon, bengalis pack their bags and heads towards the forests and hills of the North Bengal specifically the district of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. All the trains headed there would be jam packed and getting train tickets is some task. We have never got tickets which are not on the waiting list.

We took a week off from Office in the middle of May before the onset of the monsoon, packed our Rucksacks and headed toward the Dooars. Out of our halts at few destinations, SikiaJhora was the first in line.

I am packing .......

My train leaves tomorrow for the Dooars and I am packing tonight. Usually when I am to leave for vacation I start to pack almost a month before in utter excitement. Well the excitement is extremely there, the hectic schedule had taken the time out of my time table ! And to top it all, I have to pack for Mr TRL as well. That lazy bone hates packing.. UGGG.. GRRrrrrrr....
I took an early leave today from office and ran ran ran to finish up last minute shopping and of course parlor visit and here I am finally P A C K I N G .....

NewU Haul + A gift L'oreal pampered me with

I am almost out on Compact and I am going for vacation I needed to get one. So I headed to our very own NewU in Diamond Plaza and let me tell you they have the best SA's ever. Maybelline counter is having a guy and he knows so much of make up. A guy telling me about make up, I don't know some part of it sounds so weird. But that fellow knew so much, he definitely did his home work right. Anyways, remember I went to get a compact, and Maybelline ClearGlow All In One is my favorite for everyday use.

Just when I had to keep my money aside for my tour.. It just went away in a blink of an eye

My tiny HAUL from Jabong + My Vacay Plans

Yippeee, I am going on vacation after a long time, a much needed break. And a chance for shopping. With such a demanding job at office I really don't get much time to go out for shopping. Hence I retort to online shopping. FYI, this summer I plan to be in vibrant colors.

A forever staying waterproof lip color which me no likey !!

If you have known me personally then you already know how much I love lipsticks and lip colors. I would not leave house without eyeliner and lipstick. When in Office, I quickly reapply my lipstick when no one's looking, or people have gone for lunch. I was looking for a lip color of the N*de shade which I can wear easily to office, which would survive meals, cover up my pigmented lips. Wearing vibrant lip colors in office looks too made up. So after a lot of search over the internet, I found this lip color. Read reviews about it which were positive from many bloggers and clicked on the Add to Cart happily.

Votre Invigorating Orange Hand and Foot Gel Scrub

The climate here in Kolkata has gone so bad, its too hot, too sticky. It is impossible to wear socks and covered shoes now because the feet sweats, itches and is extremely uncomfortable. And travelling to office daily and not wearing a covered foot wear has taken a toll on my feet. There is a clear tan mark on my feet of the sandal. Seeing my feet I was having one of those desperate feeling " OH GOD ! let me just scrub scrub scrub this away ! "

The online stores are filled with Votre Products which I have never tried so I just bought this scrub to make it a part of my in house pedicure routine. It's just basic feet soaking, scrubbing followed by a good message.

Recipe Alert -- My almost failed attempt on a Mango Tart

1st may fell on a Friday and Yippeeee it's a long weekend. It's time to catch up with friends, my favorite blogs and of course pen on my own. I was catching up with a dear friend of mine on watsapp, who resides on Germany now. She passed a very sweet remark, she told me, "Its weekend so what are you baking". 

Summer is not at all my favorite season. The only thing that makes me tolerate it are the summer fruits. Mangoes, Litchies, Watermelons. Yummilicious!!
The other day my husband bought some mangoes which were vanishing by the blink of an eye. Before all is gone, remembered by friends remark and I dared to make an attempt on a mango tart. 

Maybelline Colorshow - Pastely Shades of sUmMeR

I love Maybelline. This brand has always impressed me with their pocket friendly cosmetics while keeping up with the latest trends. They introduced their line of pastel shades last year, but they are here to stay. Whenever they introduce new colors I make it a point to add them in my stash. Here's a few of them. Read more to find out what I ended up doing !!

Pac Pac Pac, Not a duckie ^_^

Easiest of all PacMan Nail Art

Who does not love arcade games, these were all we knew when it came to video games when we were little. I bought this cute coin purse from Forever 21 and it reminded me of Pacman. I just love the eyes here, aren't they cute.

Just Herbs Body Luster Sandal-Turmeric Ubtan Pack // A skin Lightening Pack

I am one of those girls who just tans very easily. Even if I am out in the sun for 10 secs I will TAN. 
No kidding !!
I love the sea, but due to the fear of tanning I hate going on beach holidays. Sunscreens protects but not much for me. When I vacationing in Goa, I cannot express in words how much I had reddened and tanned. From my pictures my friends used to call me tandoori chicken, yes that much I had tanned. After returning it was a nightmare to remove the tanning. I used to apply tomato juice daily for like months !! Still I have not been able to recover myself from it. On top of that beach vacation after beach vacation. My husband loves the sea you see. I just cannot say No to the boy !
Again on top of that staying in a place like Kolkata, where the sun shines like he is angry and about to engulf us with his flames during the summer, TANNING is inevitable. GOD only can save my SOUL.