Why did I buy this powder brush?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Did you hear all the beauty saints saying "Always invest on a good make up brush", well I did loud and clear. And what HURRY BURRY does.. well it spoils the CURRY.

I needed a powder brush to apply my Kryolan translucent Powder to set my foundation. Wedding season was on and I had to doll up you see and also was kinda short on cash ( all my money went in buying gifts for people). I so did not listen to the beauty saints and what I did is buy whatever is available in a RUSH. 

Hello !! Me..(talking to self) never buy anything in a rush.
What I got is a Vega Large Powder Brush

Vega has a wide range of make up tools that are easily available in the market at a very descent price. This one is a large dome brush claims to be made of natural hair which has a particular texture that holds and disperses powder well and so is brilliant for applying face powder evenly. This brush gives maximum coverage in minimum strokes.

The brush did feel soft to touch when I was checking it out ( remember I was rushing ), did not pay much attention I guess. When I used it to apply powder / blush, this just did not work. It poked my face so bad, and the dome head is too big to apply anything. Well I do agree on the claim to hold powder, but to disperse it.. NO .. SORRY .. NO CAN DO.

And Guess what the bristles sheds off !!! It's made from natural hair, well its falling off. Me no likey likey this AT ALL.

It comes at a price of Rs 250/- well quite decently priced.

Hence : This is the worst Rs250/- I have ever spent. I should have waited till money to fill my wallet and invested on a good brush.

Love and XOXO,

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