What is this YuMmY thing I got online ???

Sunday, April 26, 2015

On one rainy sunday afternoon, I had nothing to do and was so sad that I could not go out and about. What a girl is supposed to do to cheer herself up, some good old online retail therapy. And what I just could not resist myself to buy ???

I had almost finished my TBS Vanilla Mist (that smells so yumm, make me feel like a vanilla ice cream, LOL ) and I had to buy another one, so this time Victoria's Secret it is.

I love Body Mists, I am not a big fan of deo. Body mists always feels much more refreshing than deo, just spray some on all over after shower and you are good to go all day. I wear them all the time without worrying much about how it is going to effect on my skin. Deo's does tend to irritate your skin and also may stain your clothes.

This comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. The mist is pinkish coral in colour, oh so pretty. 
Let me come to the smell. Imagine lush juicy apple cut into cubes, macerated with rich heavenly aromatic vanilla and deep dark brown sugar, sounds tempting and delicious isn't it. Yes, this smells exactly like it with a hint of floral note.
This mist when sprayed on first smells yummy and delicious, you might want to eat yourself, LOL. But on a very very sad note, the smells does subsides with time. And that time comes very quickly. I would say this has a staying power of at max 2 hours. If you are not a fruit person, this might not suit you. The fruity yumminess might be too over powering for you.

Price : Rs 749/- for 250 ml
Availability : Online

The Goodies:
  • Very refreshing fruity smell.
  • Contains aloe and chamomile and gives a soothing effect.
  • The quantity is good for the given price.
The Baddies:
  • The staying power is just too bad. TBS body mists has staying power better than this.
Hence: Even though I quite love the yummy smell, but I might not re-purchase this. I never wear the same mist twice when I finish one bottle. I would try something else.


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