Soultree hibiscus hair conditioner - Review and Swatch

Saturday, April 18, 2015

When my shampoos are harsh chemicals free, how can my conditioner have silicone. It just cannot isn't it.
Did you know that silicone are the ones which coats the hair strand and gives shine to your hair, but most of these are water insoluble and could not be washed away by plain water, you would require heavy duty shampoo (with SLS/SLES) to wash it off. Silicone in the long run makes hair brittle and very prone to breakage. You are doing more damage to your hair while trying to make make it look shinier. For me au natural it is. How does one figure out which conditioner is silicone free. Just check the ingredients list and anything which is ending with "-one" you should  steer clear from those.
Does this conditioner really condition hair ..

Soultree hibiscus hair conditioner is enriched with shikakai, henna and coconut oil. Again another product which is silicone, paraben and artifical fragrance free. According to the jar, this contains fresh hibiscus leaves and flowers rich with hair softening and revitalizing goodness, combined with organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic shikakai. This claims to leave hair stronger and more lustrous with each use. And it is recommended that conditioner is messaged on scalp and hair both.

The swatch~~

I got this conditioner along with Soultree licorice shikakai and bhirgaraj shampoo, read the review HERE. And I have been using this conditioner long with it. I truly believe that one should pair shampoo and conditioner of the same brand and same range to get better results. The conditioner is creamy white with a brownish tinge in color and come in a glass jar, hence not travel friendly. This smells herbal perfume sort of. Texture wise it is very light, not at all heavy and does not weigh down my hair. I do not message this on scalp and only slather on to the lengths on my hair after shampoo and towel dry. I keep it for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off well with cold water. It does not give that shinier effect you get from silicone containing conditioner, but the hair does feel moisturized. I air dry my hair completely and then comb, and I have noticed is just soft and without must tangles.

Price: Rs 295/- for 100g.
Availability : Online, I am yet to spot Soultree products on stores in Kolkata.

The Goodies:
  • Silicone, paraben free.
  • Makes hair soft and manageable.
  • Loaded with herbs which are good for hair.
The Baddies:
  • Definitely need to use it for a considerable period to see if it really lives up to its claim.
  • Nothing WOW in first use.
  • Not travel friendly.
Hence: As I have not come across any other silicone free conditioner yet, I may be repurchasing this product. If you want basic conditioning for your hair without damaging it in the long run then this will fit the bill perfectly.

Love and stay colorful,
~ Shampita ~

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