Vichy Normaderm Purifying pore-tightening lotion- A holy grail of toner ??! - Review

Friday, April 17, 2015

A girl who does not swear by toner is committing a skin crime. I mean seriously! And for oily / combination skin a toner is a must must must. If you have not been using a toner, you should start like now.
Coming to my skin woes, I have super oily skin for which I am so addicted to toners. Whenever I feel like refreshing my face, I splash some cold water and dab on some toner. I was in the look out for a good toner for a long time since I could not get my hands on Living Proof Multi Action cell Renewal toner anymore in India. This was alcohol free and my holy grail toner. I have been using on and off quite a lot of drug store brands till I got my hands on Vichy Normaderm Purifying pore-tightening lotion for sensitive skin. So what my views are about this toner...

As per the bottle it has "peeling effect" ingredients and skin soothing agent in purifying lotion and claims to mattify skin and tighten pores. The toner is a very pale greenish colour almost transparent liquid which comes in a green flip cap bottle.

You can see from the ingredient list that it has alcohol which is not quite in the good books with me when it comes to oily skin. Alcohol does tend to makes skin more oilier. On the flip side this is soap and paraben free. This contains both glycolic acid and salicylic acid which are known to be "peeling agents" and helps control acne and minimize pore size. 

Now even though this has alcohol, this is almost a good toner since I have used after Living Proof. It removes any last bit of grime and makeup left after washing skin with face wash and a little goes a long way. It gives a cooling effect during application probably because of the alcohol. The toner smells sweet almost floral like, the same fragrance like any other Vichy products. I have been using this for the past 2 months and the quantity of product left will last for another month considering I use it twice daily as part of my CTM routine both morning and night.

Price : Rs 990/- for 200 ml.

Available in all major online stores and beauty store like Health and Glow in Bangalore and NewU in Kolkata.e from the ingredient list that it has alcohol which is not quite in the good book

The Goodies :

  • It does not irritate super sensitive skin unless the skin is already irritated due to waxing or threading.
  • It does help in acne control
  • It does fade away acne marks but very slowly.
  • Paraben and Soap free.
  • It does makes skin matte during the winter / staying in AC/ not so humid weather. 
What Baddies :
  • On a very hot and humid day, this fails keeps skin matte for a long time. The skin does get oily.
  • Pricey as a toner.
  • Contains alcohol.
Hence : I am going to re-purchase this until I find a good alcohol free toner for sensitive acne prone skin. As I stay most of my time indoors in air conditioned environment, this toner has so far helped in controlling oil. I really want to see how much in fairs during the scorching summer and monsoon.

Is this a holy grail of toner you ask me, well its almost there, it would have been if it was Alcohol free. Vichy people are you listening ..

Love and stay colorful.
~ Shampita ~

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