VEDANTIKA Herbals Anti Acne Mask - Review

Friday, April 17, 2015

This face pack was introduced to me by a colleague of mine and am I so grateful to her ?? Will get to that later in the post.
When I say that I had serious acne problems, trust me it was like Mars Attack all over my face. It was mainly because of change of place ( I shifted from Bangalore to Kolkata on 2013). I had tried like anything and everything to combat acne. But what really did cure is daily CTM routine and eating healthy and staying stress free.

Now how did this face mask help me. Lets find out....

This is an Anti Acne Mask manufactured by Vedantika Herbals, and it is as the company says ' A Unique blend of rare herbs that helps in controlling Acne and makes face clear, refreshed & blemish free.'

As part of the blend of rare herbs, well if you can read from the label it contains Neem, Nutmeg, Arjun, Basil, Turmeric, Red Sandalwood, Sandalwood, Kaolin, Fuller's Earth (common names written in order of the scientific names). If you ask me none of the ingredients are actually rare in nature. One can easily get hold of these from Khadi Shops.

It is a Fuller's Earth based mask, comes in powder form, the texture is almost fine dust with some finely crushed herbs here and there. A total of 10% of the quantity is sandalwood, but the product does not smell of it either. This smells of camphor, but I don't find that in the ingredients list.

Application suggests that you mix one tea spoon in rose water and keep it for 5 to 10 mins and then wash off. The quantity really depends on how thick you want to slather this on to your face. You can mix it with plain water/rose water if you are oily skinned like me, or mix it with yogurt if you have dry skin. I have been using this for nearly an year now and I have noticed that this does dries out acne. I strongly feel this has camphor which is again good for acne. This being a natural product it is safe and skin friendly. I use this religiously every week on Sunday as part of my "Oh God tomorrow again Monday! let me pamper myself" routine. But this could be used twice a week easily if you have an oil mill in your face like me.

Price : Rs 175/- for 70 gms.
Availability : Major Indian Online shopping sites. Might be available in local stores as well. I bought mine from Spencer's in Kolkata.

The Goodies:
  •  100% natural hence safe for skin.
  • No unwanted preservatives.
  • Helps control oil.
  • Does refreshes skin and drys out acne.
The Baddies:
  • Make skin a bit stretchy during winters.
  • Ingredients list might not be complete.
Hence: I would re-purchase this once I finish the current bottle. And I would definitely re-commend this to all who has oily skin and looking for a good and effective face pack. So am I grateful to my colleague?? HELL YA !!

Love and Stay colorful,
~ Shampita ~

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