ORIFLAME Feet up Aromatic summer Foot Cream

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I love to gaze through the pages of the beauty brochures. The pictures of the products looks so pretty that I get tempted to buy all of them (wishes she could). I was in the need of a light weight foot cream which I can use during the summer and I bought Oriflame feet up Aromatic Summer foot cream from an Oriflame associate. The last thing I want is to apply a heavy slippery foot cream and trip while I walk.

Does this foot cream really servers the purpose ~

This foot cream come is a bright orange tube, personally I prefer tube packaging as it is more hygienic than tubs. Coming to the smell of the cream, the Neroli and Frangipani scent is very floral, aromatic and soothing. Not too strong on the nose, just perfect. The ingredients list has Urea in it and urea helps to loosen and shed hard and scaly skin. This does contain silicone but no parabens.

ORIFLAME Feet up Aromatic summer Foot Cream
The cream is pale white in color having a consistency of a cross between a cream and a gel. It is very light weight and when messaged in, it gets absorbed quickly. I take a pea sized quantity for each feet and message the cream after the morning shower. My feet does feel moisturized and fresh all day long during the summer. I have noticed that it did not cause much sweating in the feet. It will not provide heavy duty moisturization during the cold winter. Even though this contains urea. but I have noticed that if you have cracked heels, it does nothing wow on them, it softens them a bit but they are not gone.

Price: Rs 298/- for 75ml
Availability : Sold by the Oriflame associates or at the Oriflame distribution centers.

The Goodies:
  • Very light weight and gets easily absorbed
  • Does a fair job for the summer
  • Keeps feet fresh for a long time
  • No parabens

The Baddies:
  • Does nothing for the cracked heels
  • Cannot be relied upon during the winters
  • I feel it to be a wee bit pricey.
Hence: For summer this is good to go. And I would only buy it during the summer and monsoon seasons. If you have cracked heels there is a magic drug store cream which works like a charm, I am going to share with you about that shortly.

Tell me what you think, I would love to know, mail me at therainbowladyblog@gmail.com


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