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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My first post on Nail Art .. Yayyyyy !!!

How to do this very simple nail art ..

First of all I sooo apologize for the clumsy nails, I painted this in a hurry as we were running late for our dinner reservation and a girl just cannot the leave the house without lipstick, eyeliner and nail polish. Cant she... No can't do !!

Before we start off
Remember the golden rule : DO NOT put polishes on without Base coat and a good quality one, this would prevent your nails from staining. And off course a Top Coat, to prevent your nail colors from chipping.

You don't have nail art tools, no worries just keep a tooth pick and a liquid eye liner brush handy.

Take a eyeliner brush or a fine tip nail art brush or a size zero paint brush and draw curved lines with colors of your choice. Add as many lines as you like to give it s shape of a rainbow. Try not to be clumsy like me. LOL

Then with some white polish draw clouds in round shape. I outlined the cloud with some black and blue. You definitely can skip that.

Try it, and I hope your one's turned out to be better than me.

I would love to know what all nail art tricks you have up your sleeves. Mail me

Love and happy nail painting,
~ Shampita ~

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