^_^ Bah Bah Shaun The Sheep ^_^

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yes. it me with another dose of my nail art.

Little kids from my husband's side of the family were at home and they were glued to the cartoon channels all day long. It was POGO, Cartoon Network marathon at my place. Guilty as charged, I love cartoons myself far too well. You give me Tom and Jerry and I can watch it all day long. May be I will do a Tom and Jerry inspired nail art some day.

Shaun the Sheep was on, and I just love how cute and cuddly they run around the fields. So let them run around on my nails.

Hope you like it. 
P.S : I so apologize for the poor lighting, it was night time and bright light was just not around.

Loves and butterflies to all ...

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