What is this YuMmY thing I got online ???

On one rainy sunday afternoon, I had nothing to do and was so sad that I could not go out and about. What a girl is supposed to do to cheer herself up, some good old online retail therapy. And what I just could not resist myself to buy ???

Sunscreen War - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block // Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen

I never skip sunscreen and Neutrogena sunscreens have always worked for me. You would always find Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block in my dresser. So when I was planning to go for a beach vacation I thought let me buy a big tube. I went to store and the SA gave me Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen. It's spray on sunscreen, quick and easy to apply. Thus I was sold. I happily bought both of them. But does it really serves the purpose as a sunscreen, which one is best between the two ?

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum - Best Serum ever ??

I am a serum fan, they are just so handy servers the purpose well. Most of the times when I am shampooing my hair at morning, I run out if time to apply conditioner and then keep for 5 minutes and all that rituals. I just spread across the the length of my hair some serum and I am all done.

The Body Shop has some of the most amazing products available in the market and is this serum one of them ?

ORIFLAME Feet up Aromatic summer Foot Cream

I love to gaze through the pages of the beauty brochures. The pictures of the products looks so pretty that I get tempted to buy all of them (wishes she could). I was in the need of a light weight foot cream which I can use during the summer and I bought Oriflame feet up Aromatic Summer foot cream from an Oriflame associate. The last thing I want is to apply a heavy slippery foot cream and trip while I walk.

Does this foot cream really servers the purpose ~

L'oreal Paris true match super-blendable concealer

I like reading classic novels and Jane Austen Novel et moi are a true match. Northanger Abbey being one of my favorite.
Now coming to the topic of concealers, let me tell you, it is something I just cannot live without. I have an oily acne prone o skin so camouflaging the scars requires some attention. Hence the concealers I require must be of full coverage and non comedogenic. I found two which fits this category, one is Colorbar Pot concealer which I so did not like at all and L'oreal Paris true match super-blendable concealer.

Is this Concealer and me a true match...

cHocOLatE & pEanUt butter squares

When I am at home and watching TV, I am mostly hooked to TLC. I just love love travel and food. And food is not my middle name. It is my name. Seriously!
If Nigella and Lorraine Pascale is coming up on TV, I am just HOOKED. The other day in one of the episode of Loraine Pascale, she was showing her recipe of chocolate and peanut butter squares and she made it look so easy peezy breezy that I just had to try. OK, wallet out, grocery bag in my hand lets head to the super market.
I did tweak the recipe a little to make it little less heavy on toosh ( if you know what I mean ), I had cut down on quantity of sugar and butter, but let me assure you it tastes equally good.

Soultree hibiscus hair conditioner - Review and Swatch

When my shampoos are harsh chemicals free, how can my conditioner have silicone. It just cannot isn't it.
Did you know that silicone are the ones which coats the hair strand and gives shine to your hair, but most of these are water insoluble and could not be washed away by plain water, you would require heavy duty shampoo (with SLS/SLES) to wash it off. Silicone in the long run makes hair brittle and very prone to breakage. You are doing more damage to your hair while trying to make make it look shinier. For me au natural it is. How does one figure out which conditioner is silicone free. Just check the ingredients list and anything which is ending with "-one" you should  steer clear from those.
Does this conditioner really condition hair ..

Soultree licorice shikakai & bhringraj with nourishing coconut shampoo - Review

I came across this brand on my hunt for SLS/SLES free shampoos over the internet, and yes I DO NOT use any sulphate containing shampoos no matter how big the brand is.
Chicco has been my fall back on shampoo for quite a long time. But I never leave a chance to try out a new kid in the block of SLS/SLES free shampoo land. Soultree licorice shikakai & bhringraj is definitely not a new kid on the block, I have been pretty late in trying this.
Will I continue with this shampoo and never go back to Chicco....

cHiccO No-Tears Shampoo (SLS/SLES free budget shampoo) - Review

I have been following no-poo techniques since 2012, yes I have been sulphate free on my hair since then. Once I did order Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar to condition my hair. But I just could not bear the stinky smell. I have been using the TBS Rainforest Range which is the best organic shampoo available in the market, but honestly that is more on a splurge item for me. So I keep my searches on for a cheap alternative.
I am reviewing today the Chicco No-tears Shampoo and No, I am not pretending to be a baby here. But what a girl to do when she is kinda low on budget and nothing else will do else but a sulphate free shampoo so she hits the kids section of super market. And what she finds a budget sulphate free shampoo.

Did it really fair on adult hair?!! Lets find out ...

VEDANTIKA Herbals Anti Acne Mask - Review

This face pack was introduced to me by a colleague of mine and am I so grateful to her ?? Will get to that later in the post.
When I say that I had serious acne problems, trust me it was like Mars Attack all over my face. It was mainly because of change of place ( I shifted from Bangalore to Kolkata on 2013). I had tried like anything and everything to combat acne. But what really did cure is daily CTM routine and eating healthy and staying stress free.

Now how did this face mask help me. Lets find out....

Vichy Normaderm Purifying pore-tightening lotion- A holy grail of toner ??! - Review

A girl who does not swear by toner is committing a skin crime. I mean seriously! And for oily / combination skin a toner is a must must must. If you have not been using a toner, you should start like now.
Coming to my skin woes, I have super oily skin for which I am so addicted to toners. Whenever I feel like refreshing my face, I splash some cold water and dab on some toner. I was in the look out for a good toner for a long time since I could not get my hands on Living Proof Multi Action cell Renewal toner anymore in India. This was alcohol free and my holy grail toner. I have been using on and off quite a lot of drug store brands till I got my hands on Vichy Normaderm Purifying pore-tightening lotion for sensitive skin. So what my views are about this toner...