The savior for us girls, when Aunt Flo visits town ?

Elize cotton sanitary pads review

These days finding unique products to try has become quite an easy task all thanks to target marketing and sponsored links in social media. I am sure most of you women would have seen this brand flashing on your Facebook page. Well, thank Lord that it did at least for me. Because I am a woman who suffers from PCOS and PCOD and it's just cray cray!! Gosh, the acne issue, hair thinning, weight gain, and dear Lord the terrible mood swings along with a very angry Aunt Flo when she is visiting ( if you know what I mean).

The best taupe nail paint with purple duo chrome

Nykaa nail polish in violet macaroon swatch

Lipsticks, I can get away with buying just one shade, as it happens quite frequently. But for nail paints, I always get multiples. I don't buy nail paints very frequently. I hadn't actually bought a single bottle for over a year, simply because, I didn't need to. I had every shade imaginable when I was very much into nail art a year back (still into it, but just got lazy). And when recently, those old ones started to disintegrate, I loosen my purse string and bought some unique shades which I had never spotted before.